Gail Christeson
Gail Christeson
Institute for Geophysics, Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas at Austin
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The Chicxulub asteroid impact and mass extinction at the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary
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Crustal structure of the Yakutat terrane and the evolution of subduction and collision in southern Alaska
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Structure of uppermost fast‐spread oceanic crust exposed at the Hess Deep Rift: Implications for subaxial processes at the East Pacific Rise
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Extrusive thickness variability at the East Pacific Rise, 9–10 N: Constraints from seismic techniques
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Subduction initiation and ophiolite crust: new insights from IODP drilling
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Crustal structure of the Caribbean–northeastern South America arc‐continent collision zone
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Backarc basin evolution and cordilleran orogenesis: insights from new ocean-bottom seismograph refraction profiling in Bransfield Strait, Antarctica
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Deep crustal structure of the Chicxulub impact crater
GL Christeson, Y Nakamura, RT Buffler, J Morgan, M Warner
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 106 (B10), 21751-21769, 2001
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