Dr. Rui Hao
Dr. Rui Hao
SUSTech, University of Washington, Peking university,Tsinghua university
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Synthesis, functionalization, and biomedical applications of multifunctional magnetic nanoparticles
R Hao, R Xing, Z Xu, Y Hou, S Gao, S Sun
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High‐Performance, Stretchable, Wire‐Shaped Supercapacitors
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Iron phthalocyanine and nitrogen-doped graphene composite as a novel non-precious catalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction
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One-pot synthesis of Fe 3 O 4 nanoprisms with controlled electrochemical properties
Y Zeng, R Hao, B Xing, Y Hou, Z Xu
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Exfoliated graphene-supported Pt and Pt-based alloys as electrocatalysts for direct methanol fuel cells
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Imaging nanobubble nucleation and hydrogen spillover during electrocatalytic water splitting
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Single-crystalline α-Fe 2 O 3 nanostructures: controlled synthesis and high-index plane-enhanced photodegradation by visible light
W Wu, R Hao, F Liu, X Su, Y Hou
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Imaging Dynamic Collision and Oxidation of Single Silver Nanoparticles at the Electrode/Solution Interface
R Hao, Y Fan, B Zhang
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W Qian, X Cui, R Hao, Y Hou, Z Zhang
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Hollow manganese phosphate nanoparticles as smart multifunctional probes for cancer cell targeted magnetic resonance imaging and drug delivery
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Electrodeposited Gold on Carbon-Fiber Microelectrodes for Enhancing Amperometric Detection of Dopamine Release from Pheochromocytoma Cells
ST Barlow, M Louie, R Hao, PA Defnet, B Zhang
Analytical chemistry 90 (16), 10049-10055, 2018
Developing Fe 3 O 4 nanoparticles into an efficient multimodality imaging and therapeutic probe
R Hao, J Yu, Z Ge, L Zhao, F Sheng, L Xu, G Li, Y Hou
Nanoscale 5 (23), 11954-11963, 2013
Fabrication and sensing behavior of Cr2O3 nanofibers via in situ gelation and electrospinning
R Hao, J Yuan, Q Peng
Chemistry Letters 35 (11), 1248-1249, 2006
Single-Molecule Fluorescence Microscopy for Probing the Electrochemical Interface
R Hao, Z Peng, B Zhang
ACS omega 5 (1), 89-97, 2019
Nanopipette-Based Electroplated Nanoelectrodes
R Hao, B Zhang
Analytical chemistry 88 (1), 614-620, 2015
Janus ultrathin film from multi-level self-assembly at air–water interfaces
H Zhang, R Hao, JK Jackson, M Chiao, H Yu
Chemical Communications 50 (94), 14843-14846, 2014
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