Sunil K. Sinha
Sunil K. Sinha
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X-ray and neutron scattering from rough surfaces
SK Sinha, EB Sirota, S Garoff, HB Stanley
Physical Review B 38 (4), 2297, 1988
Antiferromagnetism in
D Vaknin, SK Sinha, DE Moncton, DC Johnston, JM Newsam, CR Safinya, ...
Physical review letters 58 (26), 2802, 1987
Antiferromagnetism in La 2 CuO 4− y
D Vaknin, SK Sinha, DE Moncton, DC Johnston, JM Newsam, CR Safinya, ...
Physical review letters 58 (26), 2802, 1987
Handbook on the physics and chemistry of rare earths
KA Gschneidner, JCG Bunzli, VK Pecharsky
Elsevier, 2004
Neutron-Diffraction Determination of Antiferromagnetic Structure of Cu Ions in Y Ba 2 Cu 3 O 6+ x with x= 0.0 and 0.15
JM Tranquada, DE Cox, W Kunnmann, H Moudden, G Shirane, ...
Physical review letters 60 (2), 156, 1988
Power-law correlations and finite-size effects in silica particle aggregates studied by small-angle neutron scattering
T Freltoft, JK Kjems, SK Sinha
Physical Review B 33 (1), 269, 1986
Steric interactions in a model multimembrane system: a synchrotron X-ray study
CR Safinya, D Roux, GS Smith, SK Sinha, P Dimon, NA Clark, AM Bellocq
Physical review letters 57 (21), 2718, 1986
Structural phase diagram of the Ba 1− x K x BiO 3 system
S Pei, JD Jorgensen, B Dabrowski, DG Hinks, DR Richards, AW Mitchell, ...
Physical Review B 41 (7), 4126, 1990
Porous Vycor glass: The microstructure as probed by electron microscopy, direct energy transfer, small‐angle scattering, and molecular adsorption
P Levitz, G Ehret, SK Sinha, JM Drake
The Journal of chemical physics 95 (8), 6151-6161, 1991
Magnetic order and crystal structure in the superconducting RNi 2 B 2 C materials
JW Lynn, S Skanthakumar, Q Huang, SK Sinha, Z Hossain, LC Gupta, ...
Physical Review B 55 (10), 6584, 1997
Antiferromagnetism in
JM Tranquada, AH Moudden, AI Goldman, P Zolliker, DE Cox, G Shirane, ...
Physical Review B 38 (4), 2477, 1988
Surface freezing in chain molecules: Normal alkanes
BM Ocko, XZ Wu, EB Sirota, SK Sinha, O Gang, M Deutsch
Physical Review E 55 (3), 3164, 1997
Complete phase diagram of a charged colloidal system: A synchro-tron x-ray scattering study
EB Sirota, HD Ou-Yang, SK Sinha, PM Chaikin, JD Axe, Y Fujii
Physical review letters 62 (13), 1524, 1989
X-ray-scattering study of capillary-wave fluctuations at a liquid surface
MK Sanyal, SK Sinha, KG Huang, BM Ocko
Physical review letters 66 (5), 628, 1991
Long-range incommensurate magnetic order in a Dy-Y multilayer
MB Salamon, S Sinha, JJ Rhyne, JE Cunningham, RW Erwin, J Borchers, ...
Physical review letters 56 (3), 259, 1986
Space vector PWM control of dual inverter fed open-end winding induction motor drive
EG Shivakumar, K Gopakumar, SK Sinha, A Pittet, VT Ranganathan
APEC 2001. Sixteenth Annual IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and …, 2001
Surface crystallization of liquid normal-alkanes
XZ Wu, EB Sirota, SK Sinha, BM Ocko, M Deutsch
Physical review letters 70 (7), 958, 1993
Surface tension measurements of surface freezing in liquid normal alkanes
XZ Wu, BM Ocko, EB Sirota, SK Sinha, M Deutsch, BH Cao, MW Kim
Science 261 (5124), 1018-1021, 1993
Automated detection of cracks in buried concrete pipe images
SK Sinha, PW Fieguth
Automation in construction 15 (1), 58-72, 2006
Structure of aggregated gold colloids
P Dimon, SK Sinha, DA Weitz, CR Safinya, GS Smith, WA Varady, ...
Physical review letters 57 (5), 595, 1986
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