Nikolay Novitskiy
Nikolay Novitskiy
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Heschl's gyrus, posterior superior temporal gyrus, and mid-ventrolateral prefrontal cortex have different roles in the detection of acoustic changes
M Schönwiesner, N Novitski, S Pakarinen, S Carlson, M Tervaniemi, ...
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Frequency discrimination at different frequency levels as indexed by electrophysiological and behavioral measures
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Removal of BCG artifacts from EEG recordings inside the MR scanner: A comparison of methodological and validation-related aspects
K Vanderperren, M De Vos, JR Ramautar, N Novitskiy, M Mennes, ...
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Neonatal frequency discrimination in 250–4000-Hz range: Electrophysiological evidence
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The BOLD correlates of the visual P1 and N1 in single-trial analysis of simultaneous EEG-fMRI recordings during a spatial detection task
N Novitskiy, JR Ramautar, K Vanderperren, M De Vos, M Mennes, ...
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Effects of acoustic gradient noise from functional magnetic resonance imaging on auditory processing as reflected by event-related brain potentials
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The “why” and “how” of JointICA: Results from a visual detection task
B Mijović, K Vanderperren, N Novitskiy, B Vanrumste, P Stiers, ...
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Cognitive control and individual differences in economic ultimatum decision-making
W De Neys, N Novitskiy, L Geeraerts, J Ramautar, J Wagemans
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Effects of noise from functional magnetic resonance imaging on auditory event-related potentials in working memory task
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Single trial ERP reading based on parallel factor analysis
K Vanderperren, B Mijović, N Novitskiy, B Vanrumste, P Stiers, ...
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Context Modulates the ERP Signature of Contour Integration
B Machilsen, N Novitskiy, K Vancleef, J Wagemans
PloS one 6 (9), e25151, 2011
Effect of the static magnetic field of the MR-scanner on ERPs: evaluation of visual, cognitive and motor potentials
S Assecondi, K Vanderperren, N Novitskiy, JR Ramautar, W Fias, ...
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Ballistocardiogram artifacts in simultaneous EEG-fMRI acquisitions
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What makes a good reasoner?: Brain potentials and heuristic bias susceptibility
W De Neys, N Novitskiy, J Ramautar, J Wagemans
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Fast vigilance decrement in closed head injury patients as reflected by the mismatch negativity (MMN)
ML Kaipio, N Novitski, M Tervaniemi, K Alho, J Öhman, O Salonen, ...
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Frequency specific impairment of automatic pitch change detection by fMRI acoustic noise: an MEG study
N Novitski, B Maess, M Tervaniemi
Journal of neuroscience methods 155 (1), 149-159, 2006
Individual Differences In Bilingual Experience Modulate Executive Control Network And Performance: Behavioral And Structural Neuroimaging Evidence
F Gallo, N Novitskiy, A Myachykov, Y Shtyrov
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Conflict resolution ability in late bilinguals improves with increased second-language proficiency: ANT task evidence
N Novitskiy, Y Shtyrov, A Myachykov
Frontiers in Psychology 10, 2825, 2019
Crosslinguistic interplay between semantics and phonology in late bilinguals: neurophysiological evidence
N Novitskiy, A Myachykov, Y Shtyrov
Bilingualism: Language and Cognition 22 (2), 209-227, 2019
Early Development of Neural Speech Encoding Depends on Age but Not Native Language Status: Evidence From Lexical Tone
N Novitskiy, AR Maggu, CM Lai, PHY Chan, KHY Wong, HS Lam, ...
Neurobiology of Language 3 (1), 67-86, 2022
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