Lei Zhang
Lei Zhang
Ph.D in Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago; Software Engineer at LinkedIn
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A Survey of Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis
B Liu, L Zhang
Mining Text Data, 415-463, 2012
Deep learning for sentiment analysis: A survey
L Zhang, S Wang, B Liu
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Identifying noun product features that imply opinions
L Zhang, B Liu
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Aspect and entity extraction for opinion mining
L Zhang, B Liu
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Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining.
L Zhang, B Liu
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Entity discovery and assignment for opinion mining applications
X Ding, B Liu, L Zhang
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Forest cover classification using Landsat ETM+ data and time series MODIS NDVI data
K Jia, S Liang, L Zhang, X Wei, Y Yao, X Xie
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LCI: a social channel analysis platform for live customer intelligence
M Castellanos, U Dayal, M Hsu, R Ghosh, M Dekhil, Y Lu, L Zhang, ...
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Performing sentiment analysis
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Distributional similarity vs. PU learning for entity set expansion
XL Li, L Zhang, B Liu, SK Ng
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Extracting resource terms for sentiment analysis
L Zhang, B Liu
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Determining sentiments of social posts based on user feedback
L Zhang, Z Qi, M Hokari, H Suvarna, DB Thakkar, E Chan
US Patent 9,563,693, 2017
Catalytically active sites of MOF-derived electrocatalysts: Synthesis, characterization, theoretical calculations, and functional mechanisms
Z Zhai, W Yan, L Dong, S Deng, DP Wilkinson, X Wang, L Zhang, J Zhang
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 9 (36), 20320-20344, 2021
Trending topic extraction from social media
L Zhang, P Jones, KA Otis, J Gale, E Chan
US Patent 10,095,686, 2018
Performing sentiment analysis on microblogging data, including identifying a new opinion term therein
R Ghosh, L Zhang, ME Dekhil, B Liu
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Entity set expansion in opinion documents
L Zhang, B Liu
Proceedings of the 22nd ACM conference on Hypertext and hypermedia, 281-290, 2011
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