Jonathan Hobley
Jonathan Hobley
Associate Professor @ UBD
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A rapid method to estimate the concentration of citrate capped silver nanoparticles from UV-visible light spectra
D Paramelle, A Sadovoy, S Gorelik, P Free, J Hobley, DG Fernig
Analyst 139 (19), 4855-4861, 2014
Proton exchange and isomerisation reactions of photochromic and reverse photochromic spiro-pyrans and their merocyanine forms
WON Parker, V Malatesta, R Millini, L Montanari, WON Parker
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 1 (14), 3259-3267, 1999
Comparative study of random and oriented antibody immobilization as measured by dual polarization interferometry and surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy
HY Song, X Zhou, J Hobley, X Su
Langmuir 28 (1), 997-1004, 2012
Practical synthesis of maleimides and coumarin-linked probes for protein and antibody labelling via reduction of native disulfides
HY Song, MH Ngai, ZY Song, PA MacAry, J Hobley, MJ Lear
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 7 (17), 3400-3406, 2009
Highly wrinkled cross‐linked graphene oxide membranes for biological and charge‐storage applications
LAL Tang, WC Lee, H Shi, EYL Wong, A Sadovoy, S Gorelik, J Hobley, ...
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Energy barrier to TTC–TTT isomerisation for the merocyanine of a photochromic spiropyran
J Hobley, V Malatesta
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2 (1), 57-59, 2000
Graphene liquid marbles as photothermal miniature reactors for reaction kinetics modulation
W Gao, HK Lee, J Hobley, T Liu, IY Phang, XY Ling
Angewandte Chemie 127 (13), 4065-4068, 2015
Ultrafast photo-dynamics of a reversible photochromic spiropyran
J Hobley, U Pfeifer-Fukumura, M Bletz, T Asahi, H Masuhara, H Fukumura
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 106 (10), 2265-2270, 2002
Evaluation of surface energy state distribution and bulk defect concentration in DSSC photoanodes based on Sn, Fe, and Cu doped TiO2
RT Ako, P Ekanayake, DJ Young, J Hobley, V Chellappan, AL Tan, ...
Applied Surface Science 351, 950-961, 2015
Picosecond time-resolved spectroscopy of the photocolouration reaction of photochromic naphthoxazine-spiro-indolines
F Wilkinson, DR Worrall, J Hobley, L Jansen, SL Williams, AJ Langley, ...
Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions 92 (8), 1331-1336, 1996
Photochromism of spiro-naphthoxazines: molar absorption coefficients and quantum efficiencies
F Wilkinson, J Hobley, M Naftaly
Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions 88 (11), 1511-1517, 1992
π-Cloud and non-bonding or H-bond connectivities in photochromic spiropyrans and their merocyanines sensed by 13 C deuterium isotope shifts
J Hobley, V Malatesta, W Giroldini, W Stringo
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2 (1), 53-56, 2000
Photochromism of amorphous molybdenum oxide films with different initial Mo5+ relative concentrations
M Rouhani, YL Foo, J Hobley, J Pan, GS Subramanian, X Yu, A Rusydi, ...
Applied surface science 273, 150-158, 2013
Defining a threshold surface density of vitronectin for the stable expansion of human embryonic stem cells
LYW Yap, J Li, IY Phang, LT Ong, JZE Ow, JCH Goh, V Nurcombe, ...
Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods 17 (2), 193-207, 2011
Explosive boiling of water after pulsed IR laser heating
A Takamizawa, S Kajimoto, J Hobley, K Hatanaka, K Ohta, H Fukumura
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 5 (5), 888-895, 2003
Dynamics of Liquid Structure Relaxation from Criticality after a Nanosecond Laser Initiated T-Jump in Triethylamine− Water
J Hobley, S Kajimoto, A Takamizawa, K Ohta, Q Tran-Cong, H Fukumura
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Photochromism of naphthoxazine-spiro-indolines by direct excitation and following sensitisation by triplet-energy donors
J Hobley, F Wilkinson
Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions 92 (8), 1323-1330, 1996
Relation between charge carrier mobility and lifetime in organic photovoltaics
C Vijila, SP Singh, E Williams, P Sonar, A Pivrikas, B Philippa, R White, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 114 (18), 2013
Picosecond and nanosecond photo-dynamics of a naphthopyran merocyanine
J Hobley, V Malatesta, K Hatanaka, S Kajimoto, SL Williams, H Fukumura
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 4 (2), 180-184, 2002
Kinetics of photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue in aqueous dispersions of TiO2 nanoparticles under UV-LED irradiation
SLN Zulmajdi, S Ajak, J Hobley, N Duraman, MH Harunsani, HM Yasin, ...
Am. J. Nanomater 5 (2017), 1-6, 2017
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