Steven F Thornton
Steven F Thornton
Professor of Environmental Engineering Science, University of Sheffield
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Application of organic carbon and nitrogen stable isotope and C/N ratios as source indicators of organic matter provenance in estuarine systems: evidence from the Tay Estuary …
SF Thornton, J McManus
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 38 (3), 219-233, 1994
Linking environmental regimes, space and time: Interpretations of structural and functional connectivity
J Wainwright, L Turnbull, TG Ibrahim, I Lexartza-Artza, SF Thornton, ...
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Electrokinetic-enhanced bioremediation of organic contaminants: a review of processes and environmental applications
RT Gill, MJ Harbottle, JWN Smith, SF Thornton
Chemosphere 107, 31-42, 2014
A review of ammonium attenuation in soil and groundwater
SR Buss, AW Herbert, P Morgan, SF Thornton, JWN Smith
Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology 37 (4), 347-359, 2004
Restoration of soil quality using biochar and brown coal waste: A review
C Amoah-Antwi, J Kwiatkowska-Malina, SF Thornton, O Fenton, G Malina, ...
Science of the Total Environment 722, 137852, 2020
Processes controlling the distribution and natural attenuation of dissolved phenolic compounds in a deep sandstone aquifer
SF Thornton, S Quigley, MJ Spence, SA Banwart, S Bottrell, DN Lerner
Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 53 (3-4), 233-267, 2001
Reactive transport modeling of processes controlling the distribution and natural attenuation of phenolic compounds in a deep sandstone aquifer
KU Mayer, SG Benner, EO Frind, SF Thornton, DN Lerner
Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 53 (3-4), 341-368, 2001
Hydrochemical and isotopic effects associated with petroleum fuel biodegradation pathways in a chalk aquifer
MJ Spence, SH Bottrell, SF Thornton, HH Richnow, KH Spence
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Optimization of bacterial whole cell bioreporters for toxicity assay of environmental samples
Y Song, G Li, SF Thornton, IP Thompson, SA Banwart, DN Lerner, ...
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Physical modelling of solute transport in porous media: evaluation of an imaging technique using UV excited fluorescent dye
WE Huang, CC Smith, DN Lerner, SF Thornton, A Oram
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Isotopic modelling of the significance of bacterial sulphate reduction for phenol attenuation in a contaminated aquifer
MJ Spence, SH Bottrell, SF Thornton, DN Lerner
Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 53 (3-4), 285-304, 2001
Whole cell bioreporter application for rapid detection and evaluation of crude oil spill in seawater caused by Dalian oil tank explosion
D Zhang, A Ding, S Cui, C Hu, SF Thornton, J Dou, Y Sun, WE Huang
Water research 47 (3), 1191-1200, 2013
Biodegradation of phenolic compounds and their metabolites in contaminated groundwater using microbial fuel cells
P Hedbavna, SA Rolfe, WE Huang, SF Thornton
Bioresource Technology 200, 426-434, 2016
Assessing the natural attenuation of organic contaminants in aquifers using plume-scale electron and carbon balances: model development with analysis of uncertainty and …
SF Thornton, DN Lerner, SA Banwart
Journal of contaminant hydrology 53 (3-4), 199-232, 2001
Challenges in monitoring the natural attenuation of spatially variable plumes
RD Wilson, SF Thornton, DM Mackay
Biodegradation 15 (6), 359-369, 2004
Optimizing nitrate removal and evaluating pollution swapping trade-offs from laboratory denitrification bioreactors
MG Healy, M Barrett, GJ Lanigan, AJ Serrenho, TG Ibrahim, SF Thornton, ...
Ecological Engineering 74, 290-301, 2015
Ineffective natural attenuation of degradable organic compounds in a phenol‐contaminated aquifer
DN Lerner, SF Thornton, MJ Spence, SA Banwart, SH Bottrell, JJ Higgo, ...
Groundwater 38 (6), 922-928, 2000
Improved Analysis of MTBE, TAME, and TBA in Petroleum Fuel-Contaminated Groundwater by SPME Using Deuterated Internal Standards with GC− MS
P Dewsbury, SF Thornton, DN Lerner
Environmental science & technology 37 (7), 1392-1397, 2003
The environmental impact of dental amalgam and resin-based composite materials
S Mulligan, G Kakonyi, K Moharamzadeh, SF Thornton, N Martin
British Dental Journal 224 (7), 542-548, 2018
Attenuation of landfill leachate by clay liner materials in laboratory columns: 2. Behaviour of inorganic contaminants
SF Thornton, DN Lerner, JH Tellam
Waste management & research 19 (1), 70-88, 2001
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