Sergey Polyutov (Сергей Полютов)
Sergey Polyutov (Сергей Полютов)
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Exciton–vibrational coupling in the dynamics and spectroscopy of Frenkel excitons in molecular aggregates
M Schröter, SD Ivanov, J Schulze, SP Polyutov, Y Yan, T Pullerits, O Kühn
Physics Reports 567, 1-78, 2015
Exciton-vibrational coupling in molecular aggregates: Electronic versus vibronic dimer
S Polyutov, O Kühn, T Pullerits
Chemical Physics 394 (1), 21-28, 2012
Nonadiabatic effects in resonant inelastic X-ray scattering
F Hennies, S Polyutov, I Minkov, A Pietzsch, M Nagasono, ...
Physical review letters 95 (16), 163002, 2005
Many-photon dynamics of photobleaching
S Gavrilyuk, S Polyutov, PC Jha, Z Rinkevicius, H Ågren, F Gel'mukhanov
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 111 (47), 11961-11975, 2007
Interplay of one-and two-step channels in electrovibrational two-photon absorption
S Polyutov, I Minkov, F Gel'mukhano, H Ågren
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 109 (42), 9507-9513, 2005
Dynamic interpretation of resonant x-ray Raman scattering: Ethylene and benzene
F Hennies, S Polyutov, I Minkov, A Pietzsch, M Nagasono, H Ågren, ...
Physical Review A 76 (3), 032505, 2007
Dynamics of cavityless lasing generated by ultrafast multiphoton excitation
V Kimberg, S Polyutov, F Gel’mukhanov, H Ågren, A Baev, Q Zheng, ...
Physical Review A 74 (3), 033814, 2006
Bidirectional description of amplified spontaneous emission induced by three-photon absorption
A Baev, V Kimberg, S Polyutov, F Gel'Mukhanov, H Ågren
JOSA B 22 (2), 385-393, 2005
Gradual collapse of nuclear wave functions regulated by frequency tuned X-ray scattering
N Ignatova, VV Cruz, RC Couto, E Ertan, A Zimin, S Polyutov, H Agren, ...
Scientific Reports 7, 43891, 2017
Thermal effects in systems of colloidal plasmonic nanoparticles in high-intensity pulsed laser fields
VS Gerasimov, AE Ershov, SV Karpov, AP Gavrilyuk, VI Zakomirnyi, ...
Optical Materials Express 7 (2), 555-568, 2017
Three-dimensional interference effects in the mechanical action of weak biharmonic fields upon particles with the J=0 → J=1 quantum transition
SA Gavrilyuk, IV Krasnov, SP Polyutov
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics 93 (5), 985-997, 2001
Suppression of surface plasmon resonance in Au nanoparticles upon transition to the liquid state
VS Gerasimov, AE Ershov, AP Gavrilyuk, SV Karpov, H Agren, ...
Optics Express 24 (23), 26851-26856, 2016
Biphasic Aggregation of a Perylene Bisimide Dye Identified by Exciton-Vibrational Spectra
PA Plötz, SP Polyutov, SD Ivanov, F Fennel, S Wolter, TA Niehaus, Z Xie, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (DOI: 10.1039/C6CP04898F), 25110-25119, 2016
Titanium nitride as light trapping plasmonic material in silicon solar cell
N Venugopal, AE Gerasimov, V.S., Ershov, SV Karpov, SP Polyutov
Optical Materials 72 (DOI: 10.1016/j.optmat.2017.06.035), 397–402, 2017
New ideally absorbing Au plasmonic nanostructures for biomedical applications
VI Zakomirnyi, IL Rasskazov, SV Karpov, SP Polyutov
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 187, 54-61, 2017
Resonant inelastic x-ray scattering at the F 1s photoabsorption edge in LiF: Interplay of excitonic and conduction states, and Stokes’ doubling
A Kikas, T Käämbre, A Saar, K Kooser, E Nõmmiste, I Martinson, ...
Physical Review B 70 (8), 085102, 2004
Refractory titanium nitride two-dimensional structures with extremely narrow surface lattice resonances at telecommunication wavelengths
VI Zakomirnyi, IL Rasskazov, VS Gerasimov, AE Ershov, SP Polyutov, ...
Applied Physics Letters 111 (12),, 2017
Infrared-pump-X-ray-probe spectroscopy of vibrationally excited molecules
N Ignatova, VV Cruz, RC Couto, E Ertan, M Odelius, H Agren, ...
Physical Review A 95 (4), 042502, 2017
Confinement of atoms with nondegenerate ground states in a three-dimensional dissipative optical superlattice
IV Krasnov, SP Polyutov
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics Letters 76 (5), 270-274, 2002
One-dimensional cuts through multidimensional potential energy surfaces by tunable x rays
S Eckert, VV da Cruz, F Gel’mukhanov, E Ertan, N Ignatova, S Polyutov, ...
Physical Review A 97, 053410, 2018
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