Peter D. Lund
Peter D. Lund
Professor, Aalto University
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Review of energy system flexibility measures to enable high levels of variable renewable electricity
PD Lund, J Lindgren, J Mikkola, J Salpakari
Renewable and sustainable energy reviews 45, 785-807, 2015
A model for generating household electricity load profiles
JV Paatero, PD Lund
International journal of energy research 30 (5), 273-290, 2006
Device physics of dye solar cells
J Halme, P Vahermaa, K Miettunen, P Lund
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A multicomponent PCM wall optimized for passive solar heating
K Peippo, P Kauranen, PD Lund
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Device stability of perovskite solar cells–A review
MI Asghar, J Zhang, H Wang, PD Lund
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 77, 131-146, 2017
Impact of H 2 O on organic–inorganic hybrid perovskite solar cells
J Huang, S Tan, PD Lund, H Zhou
Energy & Environmental Science 10 (11), 2284-2311, 2017
Effects of energy policies on industry expansion in renewable energy
PD Lund
Renewable energy 34 (1), 53-64, 2009
Effects of large-scale photovoltaic power integration on electricity distribution networks
JV Paatero, PD Lund
Renewable Energy, Vol4_52-Vol4_71, 2018
Review of stability for advanced dye solar cells
MI Asghar, K Miettunen, J Halme, P Vahermaa, M Toivola, K Aitola, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 3 (4), 418-426, 2010
Optimal and rule-based control strategies for energy flexibility in buildings with PV
J Salpakari, P Lund
Applied Energy 161, 425-436, 2016
Stability assessment of alternative platinum free counter electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells
S Yun, PD Lund, A Hinsch
Energy & Environmental Science 8 (12), 3495-3514, 2015
Measurement of current distribution in a free-breathing PEMFC
M Noponen, T Mennola, M Mikkola, T Hottinen, P Lund
Journal of Power Sources 106 (1-2), 304-312, 2002
Review of materials and manufacturing options for large area flexible dye solar cells
G Hashmi, K Miettunen, T Peltola, J Halme, I Asghar, K Aitola, M Toivola, ...
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 15 (8), 3717-3732, 2011
Improving renewable energy policy planning and decision-making through a hybrid MCDM method
R Alizadeh, L Soltanisehat, PD Lund, H Zamanisabzi
Energy Policy 137, 111174, 2020
Scalability and feasibility of photoelectrochemical H 2 evolution: the ultimate limit of Pt nanoparticle as an HER catalyst
E Kemppainen, A Bodin, B Sebok, T Pedersen, B Seger, B Mei, D Bae, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 8 (10), 2991-2999, 2015
A review on solid oxide fuel cell durability: Latest progress, mechanisms, and study tools
SZ Golkhatmi, MI Asghar, PD Lund
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 161, 112339, 2022
Schottky junction effect on high performance fuel cells based on nanocomposite materials
B Zhu, PD Lund, R Raza, Y Ma, L Fan, M Afzal, J Patakangas, Y He, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 5 (8), 2015
Progress on electrolytes development in dye-sensitized solar cells
H Iftikhar, GG Sonai, SG Hashmi, AF Nogueira, PD Lund
Materials 12 (12), 1998, 2019
Impacts of distributed photovoltaics on network voltages: Stochastic simulations of three Swedish low-voltage distribution grids
J Widén, E Wäckelgård, J Paatero, P Lund
Electric power systems research 80 (12), 1562-1571, 2010
Options for improving the load matching capability of distributed photovoltaics: Methodology and application to high-latitude data
J Widén, E Wäckelgård, PD Lund
Solar Energy 83 (11), 1953-1966, 2009
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