Heiko Neumann
Heiko Neumann
Professor for Computer Science, Ulm University, Institute of Neural Information Processing
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The role of attention in figure-ground segregation in areas V1 and V4 of the visual cortex
J Poort, F Raudies, A Wannig, VAF Lamme, H Neumann, PR Roelfsema
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Disambiguating visual motion through contextual feedback modulation
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Multiple classifier systems for the classification of audio-visual emotional states
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Recurrent V1–V2 interaction in early visual boundary processing
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Bio-inspired computer vision: Towards a synergistic approach of artificial and biological vision
NVK Medathati, H Neumann, GS Masson, P Kornprobst
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On event-based optical flow detection
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Adipose tissue distribution predicts survival in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
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Generating 3d people in scenes without people
Y Zhang, M Hassan, H Neumann, MJ Black, S Tang
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High‐resolution respiratory self‐gated golden angle cardiac MRI: comparison of self‐gating methods in combination with k‐t SPARSE SENSE
J Paul, E Divkovic, S Wundrak, P Bernhardt, W Rottbauer, H Neumann, ...
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Multiscale binarization of gene expression data for reconstructing Boolean networks
M Hopfensitz, C Mussel, C Wawra, M Maucher, M Kuhl, H Neumann, ...
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Quantification of human body fat tissue percentage by MRI
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A comprehensive head pose and gaze database
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Luminance and edge information in grouping: a study using visual search.
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Facial expression recognition based on geometric and optical flow features in colour image sequences
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Neural mechanisms of cortico–cortical interaction in texture boundary detection: a modeling approach
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A fast biologically inspired algorithm for recurrent motion estimation
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A review and evaluation of methods estimating ego-motion
F Raudies, H Neumann
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TimeLapseAnalyzer: Multi-target analysis for live-cell imaging and time-lapse microscopy
J Huth, M Buchholz, JM Kraus, K Mølhave, C Gradinaru, G Wichert, ...
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 104 (2), 227-234, 2011
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