Graeme R. Blake
Graeme R. Blake
Assistant professor, Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, University of Groningen
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Highly reproducible Sn‐based hybrid perovskite solar cells with 9% efficiency
S Shao, J Liu, G Portale, HH Fang, GR Blake, GH ten Brink, LJA Koster, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 8 (4), 1702019, 2018
A rhombohedral ferroelectric phase in epitaxially strained Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 thin films
Y Wei, P Nukala, M Salverda, S Matzen, HJ Zhao, J Momand, ...
Nature materials 17 (12), 1095-1100, 2018
Photophysics of organic–inorganic hybrid lead iodide perovskite single crystals
HH Fang, R Raissa, M Abdu‐Aguye, S Adjokatse, GR Blake, J Even, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (16), 2378-2385, 2015
Ultrahigh sensitivity of methylammonium lead tribromide perovskite single crystals to environmental gases
HH Fang, S Adjokatse, H Wei, J Yang, GR Blake, J Huang, J Even, MA Loi
Science Advances 2 (7), e1600534, 2016
Structural Anomalies and Multiferroic Behavior in Magnetically Frustrated
LC Chapon, GR Blake, MJ Gutmann, S Park, N Hur, PG Radaelli, ...
Physical review letters 93 (17), 177402, 2004
Spin structure and magnetic frustration in multiferroic
GR Blake, LC Chapon, PG Radaelli, S Park, N Hur, SW Cheong, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 71 (21), 214402, 2005
Confinement effects in low-dimensional lead iodide perovskite hybrids
ME Kamminga, HH Fang, MR Filip, F Giustino, J Baas, GR Blake, MA Loi, ...
Chemistry of materials 28 (13), 4554-4562, 2016
Vacancies in functional materials for clean energy storage and harvesting: the perfect imperfection
G Li, GR Blake, TTM Palstra
Chemical Society Reviews 46 (6), 1693-1706, 2017
Ferroelectricity Induced by Acentric Spin-Density Waves in
LC Chapon, PG Radaelli, GR Blake, S Park, SW Cheong
Physical review letters 96 (9), 097601, 2006
Coexisting Ferromagnetic and Ferroelectric Order in a CuCl4-based Organic–Inorganic Hybrid
AO Polyakov, AH Arkenbout, J Baas, GR Blake, A Meetsma, A Caretta, ...
Chemistry of materials 24 (1), 133-139, 2012
Magnetic properties of NiO (nickel oxide) nanoparticles: Blocking temperature and Neel temperature
M Tadic, D Nikolic, M Panjan, GR Blake
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 647, 1061-1068, 2015
Enhancing the crystallinity and perfecting the orientation of formamidinium tin iodide for highly efficient Sn-based perovskite solar cells
S Shao, J Dong, H Duim, GH ten Brink, GR Blake, G Portale, MA Loi
Nano Energy 60, 810-816, 2019
Magnetodielectric coupling in frustrated spin systems: the spinels MCr2O4 (M= Mn, Co and Ni)
N Mufti, AA Nugroho, GR Blake, TTM Palstra
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 22 (7), 075902, 2010
Transition between Orbital Orderings in
GR Blake, TTM Palstra, Y Ren, AA Nugroho, AA Menovsky
Physical Review Letters 87 (24), 245501, 2001
Carbon‐tailored semimetal MoP as an efficient hydrogen evolution electrocatalyst in both alkaline and acid media
G Li, Y Sun, J Rao, J Wu, A Kumar, QN Xu, C Fu, E Liu, GR Blake, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 8 (24), 1801258, 2018
Magnetoelectric coupling in MnTiO
N Mufti, GR Blake, M Mostovoy, S Riyadi, AA Nugroho, TTM Palstra
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 83 (10), 104416, 2011
Neutron diffraction, x-ray diffraction, and specific heat studies of orbital ordering in YVO 3
GR Blake, TTM Palstra, Y Ren, AA Nugroho, AA Menovsky
Physical Review B 65 (17), 174112, 2002
Unravelling light‐induced degradation of layered perovskite crystals and design of efficient encapsulation for improved photostability
HH Fang, J Yang, S Tao, S Adjokatse, ME Kamminga, J Ye, GR Blake, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (21), 1800305, 2018
Electronic properties of germanane field-effect transistors
BN Madhushankar, A Kaverzin, T Giousis, G Potsi, D Gournis, P Rudolf, ...
2D Materials 4 (2), 021009, 2017
The role of connectivity on electronic properties of lead iodide perovskite-derived compounds
ME Kamminga, GA de Wijs, RWA Havenith, GR Blake, TTM Palstra
Inorganic chemistry 56 (14), 8408-8414, 2017
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