Sushil Auluck
Sushil Auluck
National Physical Laboratory and IIT Roorkee,Kanpur,Delhi,India
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On the Penn gap in semiconductors
NM Ravindra, S Auluck, VK Srivastava
Physica status solidi (b) 93 (2), K155-K160, 1979
Optical properties of the group-IVB refractory metal compounds
A Delin, O Eriksson, R Ahuja, B Johansson, MSS Brooks, T Gasche, ...
Physical Review B 54 (3), 1673, 1996
Optical properties of graphite from first-principles calculations
R Ahuja, S Auluck, JM Wills, M Alouani, B Johansson, O Eriksson
Physical Review B 55 (8), 4999, 1997
Linear, non-linear optical susceptibilities and the hyperpolarizability of the mixed crystals Ag 0.5 Pb 1.75 Ge (S 1− x Se x) 4: experiment and theory
AH Reshak, YM Kogut, AO Fedorchuk, OV Zamuruyeva, GL Myronchuk, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (43), 18979-18986, 2013
Doping and temperature dependence of thermoelectric properties in Mg 2 (Si, Sn)
JJ Pulikkotil, DJ Singh, S Auluck, M Saravanan, DK Misra, A Dhar, ...
Physical Review B 86 (15), 155204, 2012
Dispersion of linear and nonlinear optical susceptibilities and the hyperpolarizability of 3-methyl-4-phenyl-5-(2-pyridyl)-1, 2, 4-triazole
AH Reshak, D Stys, S Auluck, IV Kityk
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 (7), 2945-2952, 2011
Electronic structure, magnetism, and Fermi surfaces of Gd and Tb
R Ahuja, S Auluck, B Johansson, MSS Brooks
Physical Review B 50 (8), 5147, 1994
Investigation of the Linear and Nonlinear Optical Susceptibilities of KTiOPO4 Single Crystals: Theory and Experiment
AH Reshak, IV Kityk, S Auluck
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114 (50), 16705-16712, 2010
Calculated optical properties of 2 H− MoS 2 intercalated with lithium
AH Reshak, S Auluck
Physical Review B 68 (12), 125101, 2003
Structural, electronic and optical properties in earth-abundant photovoltaic absorber of Cu2ZnSnS4 and Cu2ZnSnSe4 from DFT calculations
AH Reshak, K Nouneh, IV Kityk, J Bila, S Auluck, H Kamarudin, Z Sekkat
International Journal of Electrochemical Science 9 (2), 955-974, 2014
Mg 3 Sb 2-based Zintl compound: a non-toxic, inexpensive and abundant thermoelectric material for power generation
A Bhardwaj, A Rajput, AK Shukla, JJ Pulikkotil, AK Srivastava, A Dhar, ...
RSC advances 3 (22), 8504-8516, 2013
Room temperature nanoscale ferroelectricity in magnetoelectric GaFeO 3 epitaxial thin films
S Mukherjee, A Roy, S Auluck, R Prasad, R Gupta, A Garg
Physical review letters 111 (8), 087601, 2013
Electronic and optical properties of the 1 T phases of TiS 2, TiSe 2, and TiTe 2
AH Reshak, S Auluck
Physical Review B 68 (24), 245113, 2003
Band energy and thermoelectricity of filled skutterudites LaFe4Sb12 and CeFe4Sb12
K Nouneh, AH Reshak, S Auluck, IV Kityk, R Viennois, S Benet, S Charar
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 437 (1-2), 39-46, 2007
Interband optical properties of Ni 3 Al
MA Khan, A Kashyap, AK Solanki, T Nautiyal, S Auluck
Physical Review B 48 (23), 16974, 1993
Optical properties of monoclinic SnI 2 from relativistic first-principles theory
P Ravindran, A Delin, R Ahuja, B Johansson, S Auluck, JM Wills, ...
Physical Review B 56 (11), 6851, 1997
Structural, thermodynamic and optical properties of MgF2 studied from first-principles theory
KR Babu, CB Lingam, S Auluck, SP Tewari, G Vaitheeswaran
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 184 (2), 343-350, 2011
Band structure and optical response of 2 H− Mo X 2 compounds (X= S, Se, and Te)
AH Reshak, S Auluck
Physical Review B 71 (15), 155114, 2005
Electronic structure of graphite: effect of hydrostatic pressure
R Ahuja, S Auluck, J Trygg, JM Wills, O Eriksson, B Johansson
Physical Review B 51 (8), 4813, 1995
Optical properties of PdO and PtO
R Ahuja, S Auluck, B Johansson, MA Khan
Physical Review B 50 (4), 2128, 1994
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