Vincent Aimez
Vincent Aimez
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Observation of -Symmetry Breaking in Complex Optical Potentials
A Guo, GJ Salamo, D Duchesne, R Morandotti, M Volatier-Ravat, V Aimez, ...
Physical review letters 103 (9), 093902, 2009
CASINO V2. 42—a fast and easy‐to‐use modeling tool for scanning electron microscopy and microanalysis users
D Drouin, AR Couture, D Joly, X Tastet, V Aimez, R Gauvin
Scanning: The Journal of Scanning Microscopies 29 (3), 92-101, 2007
Fabrication of silicon nitride waveguides for visible-light using PECVD: a study of the effect of plasma frequency on optical properties
A Gorin, A Jaouad, E Grondin, V Aimez, P Charette
Optics Express 16 (18), 13509-13516, 2008
Biosensing based on surface plasmon resonance and living cells
V Chabot, CM Cuerrier, E Escher, V Aimez, M Grandbois, PG Charette
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 24 (6), 1667-1673, 2009
Origin of the inhomogenous broadening and alloy intermixing in InAs/GaAs self-assembled quantum dots
N Perret, D Morris, L Franchomme-Fossé, R Côté, S Fafard, V Aimez, ...
Physical Review B 62 (8), 5092, 2000
Integrated active mixing and biosensing using surface acoustic waves (SAW) and surface plasmon resonance (SPR) on a common substrate
A Renaudin, V Chabot, E Grondin, V Aimez, PG Charette
Lab on a Chip 10 (1), 111-115, 2010
Ultrahigh efficiencies in vertical epitaxial heterostructure architectures
S Fafard, MCA York, F Proulx, CE Valdivia, MM Wilkins, R Arès, V Aimez, ...
Applied Physics Letters 108 (7), 2016
An integrated hybrid interference and absorption filter for fluorescence detection in lab-on-a-chip devices
C Richard, A Renaudin, V Aimez, PG Charette
Lab on a Chip 9 (10), 1371-1376, 2009
Low-energy ion-implantation-induced quantum-well intermixing
V Aimez, J Beauvais, J Beerens, D Morris, HS Lim, BS Ooi
IEEE Journal of selected topics in quantum electronics 8 (4), 870-879, 2002
Performance comparison of AlGaAs, GaAs and InGaP tunnel junctions for concentrated multijunction solar cells
JF Wheeldon, CE Valdivia, AW Walker, G Kolhatkar, A Jaouad, A Turala, ...
Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications 19 (4), 442-452, 2011
Extremely high aspect ratio GaAs and GaAs/AlGaAs nanowaveguides fabricated using chlorine ICP etching with N2-promoted passivation
M Volatier, D Duchesne, R Morandotti, R Ares, V Aimez
Nanotechnology 21 (13), 134014, 2010
High-photovoltage GaAs vertical epitaxial monolithic heterostructures with 20 thin p/n junctions and a conversion efficiency of 60%
S Fafard, F Proulx, MCA York, LS Richard, PO Provost, R Arès, V Aimez, ...
Applied Physics Letters 109 (13), 2016
Carrier recombination near threading dislocations in GaN epilayers by low voltage cathodoluminescence
N Pauc, MR Phillips, V Aimez, D Drouin
Applied physics letters 89 (16), 2006
Second harmonic generation in AlGaAs photonic wires using low power continuous wave light
D Duchesne, KA Rutkowska, M Volatier, F Légaré, S Delprat, M Chaker, ...
Optics express 19 (13), 12408-12417, 2011
Pulsed photoconductive antenna terahertz sources made on ion-implanted GaAs substrates
B Salem, D Morris, V Aimez, J Beerens, J Beauvais, D Houde
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 17 (46), 7327, 2005
Low loss directional coupling between highly dissimilar optical waveguides for high refractive index integrated photonic circuits
E Grondin, G Beaudin, V Aimez, R Ares, PG Charette
US Patent 8,787,712, 2014
Mesoporous germanium morphology transformation for lift-off process and substrate re-use
A Boucherif, G Beaudin, V Aimez, R Ares
Applied Physics Letters 102 (1), 2013
Antireflection coating design for triple-junction III–V/Ge high-efficiency solar cells using low absorption PECVD silicon nitride
R Homier, A Jaouad, A Turala, CE Valdivia, D Masson, SG Wallace, ...
IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics 2 (3), 393-397, 2012
Fast growth synthesis of mesoporous germanium films by high frequency bipolar electrochemical etching
YA Bioud, A Boucherif, A Belarouci, E Paradis, S Fafard, V Aimez, ...
Electrochimica Acta 232, 422-430, 2017
Five-volt vertically-stacked, single-cell GaAs photonic power converter
CE Valdivia, MM Wilkins, B Bouzazi, A Jaouad, V Aimez, R Arès, ...
Physics, Simulation, and Photonic Engineering of Photovoltaic Devices IV …, 2015
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