Salvatore Iannotta
Salvatore Iannotta
Associate Research Director - CNR - IMEM - Institute of Materials for Electronics and Magnetism
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Pentacene thin film growth
R Ruiz, D Choudhary, B Nickel, T Toccoli, KC Chang, AC Mayer, P Clancy, ...
Chemistry of Materials 16 (23), 4497-4508, 2004
Cluster Beam Synthesi of-Nano-structured Materials
P Milani, S Iannotta
Hyperthermal molecular beam deposition of highly ordered organic thin films
L Casalis, MF Danisman, B Nickel, G Bracco, T Toccoli, S Iannotta, ...
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New opportunities for organic electronics and bioelectronics: ions in action
G Tarabella, FM Mohammadi, N Coppede, F Barbero, S Iannotta, ...
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Effect of the gate electrode on the response of organic electrochemical transistors
G Tarabella, C Santato, SY Yang, S Iannotta, GG Malliaras, F Cicoira
Applied Physics Letters 97 (12), 205, 2010
Hardware elementary perceptron based on polyaniline memristive devices
VA Demin, VV Erokhin, AV Emelyanov, S Battistoni, G Baldi, S Iannotta, ...
Organic Electronics 25, 16-20, 2015
PTR-MS real time monitoring of the emission of volatile organic compounds during postharvest aging of berryfruit
A Boschetti, F Biasioli, M Van Opbergen, C Warneke, A Jordan, ...
Postharvest Biology and Technology 17 (3), 143-151, 1999
X-ray-diffraction characterization of Pt (111) surface nanopatterning induced by C 60 adsorption
R Felici, M Pedio, F Borgatti, S Iannotta, M Capozi, G Ciullo, A Stierle
Nature materials 4 (9), 688-692, 2005
Controlling the early stages of pentacene growth by supersonic molecular beam deposition
Y Wu, T Toccoli, N Koch, E Iacob, A Pallaoro, P Rudolf, S Iannotta
Physical review letters 98 (7), 076601, 2007
First steps towards the realization of a double layer perceptron based on organic memristive devices
AV Emelyanov, DA Lapkin, VA Demin, VV Erokhin, S Battistoni, G Baldi, ...
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Human stress monitoring through an organic cotton-fiber biosensor
N Coppedè, G Tarabella, M Villani, D Calestani, S Iannotta, A Zappettini
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2 (34), 5620-5626, 2014
A single cotton fiber organic electrochemical transistor for liquid electrolyte saline sensing
G Tarabella, M Villani, D Calestani, R Mosca, S Iannotta, A Zappettini, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (45), 23830-23834, 2012
A hybrid living/organic electrochemical transistor based on the Physarum polycephalum cell endowed with both sensing and memristive properties
G Tarabella, P D'Angelo, A Cifarelli, A Dimonte, A Romeo, T Berzina, ...
Chemical Science 6 (5), 2859-2868, 2015
The mozzarella cheese flavour profile: a comparison between judge panel analysis and proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry
F Gasperi, G Gallerani, A Boschetti, F Biasioli, A Monetti, E Boscaini, ...
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 81 (3), 357-363, 2001
Biocompatibility and wettability of crystalline SiC and Si surfaces
C Coletti, MJ Jaroszeski, A Pallaoro, AM Hoff, S Iannotta, SE Saddow
2007 29th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2007
Resonant photoacoustic simultaneous detection of methane and ethylene by means. of a 1.63-μm diode laser
A Boschetti, D Bassi, E Iacob, S Iannotta, L Ricci, M Scotoni
Applied Physics B 74 (3), 273-278, 2002
Optical enhancement of diode laser-photoacoustic trace gas detection by means of external Fabry-Perot cavity
A Rossi, R Buffa, M Scotoni, D Bassi, S Iannotta, A Boschetti
Applied Physics Letters 87 (4), 041110, 2005
Comparative gas-sensing performance of 1D and 2D ZnO nanostructures
M Tonezzer, TT Le Dang, N Bazzanella, VH Nguyen, S Iannotta
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 220, 1152-1160, 2015
Supersonic molecular beam growth of thin films of organic materials: A novel approach to controlling the structure, morphology, and functional properties
S Iannotta, T Toccoli
Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics 41 (21), 2501-2521, 2003
Organic electrochemical transistors monitoring micelle formation
G Tarabella, G Nanda, M Villani, N Coppede, R Mosca, GG Malliaras, ...
Chemical Science 3 (12), 3432-3435, 2012
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