Edouard Oudet
Edouard Oudet
Université joseph Fourier (Grenoble France)
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Measuring the misfit between seismograms using an optimal transport distance: Application to full waveform inversion
L Métivier, R Brossier, Q Mérigot, E Oudet, J Virieux
Geophysical Supplements to the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical …, 2016
Optimal transport with proximal splitting
N Papadakis, G Peyré, E Oudet
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Minimizing within convex bodies using a convex hull method
T Lachand-Robert, É Oudet
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Numerical minimization of eigenmodes of a membrane with respect to the domain
É Oudet
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Optimal transportation problems with free Dirichlet regions
G Buttazzo, E Oudet, E Stepanov
Variational methods for discontinuous structures, 41-65, 2002
An optimal transport approach for seismic tomography: Application to 3D full waveform inversion
L Métivier, R Brossier, Q Merigot, É Oudet, J Virieux
Inverse Problems 32 (11), 115008, 2016
Numerical methods for matching for teams and Wasserstein barycenters
G Carlier, A Oberman, E Oudet
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Optimal partitions for eigenvalues
B Bourdin, D Bucur, E Oudet
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 31 (6), 4100-4114, 2010
An optimization problem for mass transportation with congested dynamics
G Buttazzo, C Jimenez, E Oudet
SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization 48 (3), 1961-1976, 2009
Minimizing the second eigenvalue of the Laplace operator with Dirichlet boundary conditions
A Henrot, E Oudet
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Discretization of functionals involving the Monge–Ampère operator
JD Benamou, G Carlier, Q Mérigot, E Oudet
Numerische mathematik 134 (3), 611-636, 2016
A Modica-Mortola approximation for branched transport and applications
E Oudet, F Santambrogio
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Vlasov simulations of beams with a moving grid
E Sonnendrücker, F Filbet, A Friedman, E Oudet, JL Vay
Computer Physics Communications 164 (1-3), 390-395, 2004
Bodies of constant width in arbitrary dimension
T Lachand‐Robert, E Oudet
Mathematische Nachrichten 280 (7), 740-750, 2007
Optimal transport for mitigating cycle skipping in full-waveform inversion: A graph-space transform approach
L Métivier, A Allain, R Brossier, Q Mérigot, E Oudet, J Virieux
Geophysics 83 (5), R515-R540, 2018
Minimal Dirichlet energy partitions for graphs
B Osting, CD White, É Oudet
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 36 (4), A1635-A1651, 2014
Approximation of partitions of least perimeter by Γ-convergence: around Kelvin’s conjecture
E Oudet
Experimental Mathematics 20 (3), 260-270, 2011
Phase-field approximations of the Willmore functional and flow
E Bretin, S Masnou, E Oudet
Numerische Mathematik 131 (1), 115-171, 2015
Analytic parametrization of three-dimensional bodies of constant width
T Bayen, T Lachand-Robert, E Oudet
Archive for rational mechanics and analysis 186 (2), 225-249, 2007
Increasing the robustness and applicability of full-waveform inversion: An optimal transport distance strategy
L Métivier, R Brossier, Q Mérigot, E Oudet, J Virieux
The Leading Edge 35 (12), 1060-1067, 2016
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