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An enhanced Kurtogram method for fault diagnosis of rolling element bearings
D Wang, PW Tse, KL Tsui
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 35 (1-2), 176–199, 2013
Prognostics and Health Management: A Review of Vibration based Bearing and Gear Health Indicators
D Wang, KL Tsui, Q Miao
IEEE Access 6, 665-676, 2018
Prognostics of lithium-ion batteries based on relevance vectors and a conditional three-parameter capacity degradation model
D Wang, Q Miao, M Pecht
Journal of Power Sources 239 (1), 253–264, 2013
Fault diagnosis of rotating machinery based on the statistical parameters of wavelet packet paving and a generic support vector regressive classifier
C Shen, D Wang, F Kong, PW Tse
Measurement 46 (4), 1551-1564, 2013
Stacked Sparse Autoencoder-Based Deep Network for Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery
Y Qi, C Shen, D Wang, J Shi, X Jiang, Z Zhu
IEEE Access, 2017
A study of the relationship between coulombic efficiency and capacity degradation of commercial lithium-ion batteries
F Yang, D Wang, Y Zhao, KL Tsui, S Bae
Energy 145, 486-495, 2018
The design of a new sparsogram for fast bearing fault diagnosis: Part 1 of the two related manuscripts that have a joint title as "Two automatic vibration-based fault …
PW Tse, D Wang
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 40 (2), 499–519, 2013
Remaining useful life prediction of lithium-ion batteries based on spherical cubature particle filter
D Wang, F Yang, KL Tsui, Q Zhou, SJ Bae
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement 65 (6), 1282 - 1291, 2016
A comparative study of three model-based algorithms for estimating state-of-charge of lithium-ion batteries under a new combined dynamic loading profile
F Yang, YX Xing, D Wang, KL Tsui
Applied Energy 164, 387–399, 2016
Sparsity guided empirical wavelet transform for fault diagnosis of rolling element bearings
D Wang, Y Zhao, C Yi, KL Tsui, JH Lin
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 101, 292-308, 2018
Some further thoughts about spectral kurtosis, spectral L2/L1 norm, spectral smoothness index and spectral Gini index for characterizing repetitive transients
D Wang
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 108, 360–368, 2018
K-nearest neighbors based methods for identification of different gear crack levels under different motor speeds and loads: revisited
D Wang
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 70, 201-208, 2016
Robust health evaluation of gearbox subject to tooth failure with wavelet decomposition
D Wang, Q Miao, R Kang
Journal of Sound and Vibration 324 (3-5), 1141-1157, 2009
Multi-scale Deep Intra-class Transfer Learning for Bearing Fault Diagnosis
X Wang, C Shen, M Xia, D Wang, J Zhu, Z Zhu
Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 2020
Combined CNN-LSTM network for state-of-charge estimation of lithium-ion batteries
X Song, F Yang, D Wang, KL Tsui
IEEE Access 7, 88894 - 88902, 2017
Support vector data description for fusion of multiple health indicators for enhancing gearbox fault diagnosis and prognosis
D Wang, PW Tse, W Guo, Q Miao
Measurement Science and Technology 22 (2), 025102, 2011
Rolling element bearing fault detection using an improved combination of Hilbert and wavelet transforms
D Wang, Q Miao, X Fan, HZ Huang
Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology 23, 3292-3301, 2009
The Sum of Weighted Normalized Square Envelope: A Unified Framework for Kurtosis, Negative Entropy, Gini Index and Smoothness Index for Machine Health Monitoring
D Wang, Z Peng, L Xi
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 140, 106725, 2020
The automatic selection of an optimal wavelet filter and its enhancement by the new sparsogram for bearing fault detection: Part 2 of the two related manuscripts that have a …
PW Tse, D Wang
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 40 (2), 520–544, 2013
Spectral L2/L1 norm: A new perspective for spectral kurtosis for characterizing non-stationary signals
D Wang
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 104, 290-293, 2018
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