Gustavo Hassemer
Gustavo Hassemer
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Growing knowledge: an overview of seed plant diversity in Brazil
DC Zappi, FLR Filardi, P Leitman, VC Souza, BMT Walter, JR Pirani, ...
Rodriguésia 66, 1085-1113, 2015
Brazilian Flora 2020: innovation and collaboration to meet Target 1 of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC)
FLR Filardi, F Barros, JFA Baumgratz, CEM Bicudo, TB Cavalcanti, ...
Rodriguésia 69, 1513-1527, 2018
New Guinea has the world’s richest island flora
R Cámara-Leret, DG Frodin, F Adema, C Anderson, MS Appelhans, ...
Nature 584 (7822), 579-583, 2020
A review of vascular plant endemisms in Santa Catarina, southern Brazil, highlights critical knowledge gaps and urgent need of conservation efforts
G Hassemer, PMA Ferreira, R Trevisan
Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 142 (1), 78-95, 2015
The use of potential distribution models in the study of the distribution and conservation status of plants: The case of Plantago L.(Plantaginaceae) in Brazil1
G Hassemer
The Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 143 (1), 38-49, 2015
Yet another new species from one of the best-studied neotropical areas: Plantago humboldtiana (Plantaginaceae), an extremely narrow endemic new species from a waterfall in …
G Hassemer, N Rønsted
PeerJ 4, e2050, 2016
Assessing specialized metabolite diversity in the cosmopolitan plant genus Euphorbia l.
M Ernst, LF Nothias, JJJ van der Hooft, RR Silva, CH Saslis-Lagoudakis, ...
Frontiers in plant science 10, 846, 2019
Commelina catharinensis (Commelinaceae): a narrow endemic and endangered new species from Santa Catarina, southern Brazil
G Hassemer, JPR Ferreira, LA Funez, J de Deus Medeiros
Phytotaxa 246 (1), 49-60, 2016
Plantago rahniana (Plantaginaceae): a narrow endemic, new species from southern Brazil
G Hassemer, MC Baumann, R Trevisan
Systematic Botany 39 (2), 637-643, 2014
Taxonomic novelties in Plantago section Virginica (Plantaginaceae) and an updated identification key
G Hassemer, R Trevisan, H Meudt, N Rønsted
Phytotaxa 221 (3), 226-246, 2015
Plantago hatschbachiana (Plantaginaceae), a critically-endangered new species from sandstone grasslands in Brazil, and an updated identification key to Plantago in Brazil and …
G Hassemer
Phytotaxa 278 (2), 141-152, 2016
The intricate nomenclatural questions around Plantago holosteum (Plantaginaceae).
D Iamonico, G Hassemer, N Rønsted, R Pietro
Phytotaxa 306 (1), 75-84, 2017
Plantago corvensis (Plantaginaceae): a new narrowly endemic species from rocky cliffs in southern Brazil
G Hassemer, MC Baumann
Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 141 (2), 181-185, 2014
The application of high-throughput sequencing for taxonomy: the case of Plantago subg. Plantago (Plantaginaceae)
G Hassemer, S Bruun-Lund, AB Shipunov, BG Briggs, HM Meudt, ...
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 138, 156-173, 2019
VC Souza, G Hassemer
Lista de Espécies da Flora do Brasil. Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro …, 2015
Typification of the Linnaean names Plantago serraria and P. subulata (Plantago subgenus Coronopus, Plantaginaceae)
G Hassemer, D Iamonico, N Rønsted, R Di Pietro
Taxon 66 (3), 738-741, 2017
Ancestral range reconstruction of remote oceanic island species of Plantago (Plantaginaceae) reveals differing scales and modes of dispersal
N Iwanycki Ahlstrand, B Verstraete, G Hassemer, S Dunbar‐Co, ...
Journal of biogeography 46 (4), 706-722, 2019
Toxicological evaluation of a standardized hydroethanolic extract from leaves of Plantago australis and its major compound, verbascoside
JG Henn, L Steffens, ND de Moura Sperotto, B de Souza Ponce, ...
Journal of ethnopharmacology 229, 145-156, 2019
Taxonomic and nomenclatural notes on neotropical Commelina (Commelinaceae), and an identification key for Brazil, Guyana, Paraguay, Suriname and Uruguay.
G Hassemer
Phytotaxa 303 (2), 101-117, 2017
Nomenclatural and taxonomic notes on Mediterranean narrow-leaved plantains (Plantago section Maritima, Plantaginaceae)
G Hassemer, HM Meudt, N Rønsted
Webbia 72 (2), 197-205, 2017
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