Tim Booth
Tim Booth
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Two-dimensional atomic crystals
KS Novoselov, D Jiang, F Schedin, TJ Booth, VV Khotkevich, SV Morozov, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (30), 10451-10453, 2005
Fine structure constant defines visual transparency of graphene
RR Nair, P Blake, AN Grigorenko, KS Novoselov, TJ Booth, T Stauber, ...
Science 320 (5881), 1308-1308, 2008
The structure of suspended graphene sheets
JC Meyer, AK Geim, MI Katsnelson, KS Novoselov, TJ Booth, S Roth
Nature 446 (7131), 60-63, 2007
Making graphene visible
P Blake, EW Hill, AH Castro Neto, KS Novoselov, D Jiang, R Yang, ...
Applied physics letters 91 (6), 063124, 2007
Graphene-based liquid crystal device
P Blake, PD Brimicombe, RR Nair, TJ Booth, D Jiang, F Schedin, ...
Nano letters 8 (6), 1704-1708, 2008
Macroscopic graphene membranes and their extraordinary stiffness
TJ Booth, P Blake, RR Nair, D Jiang, EW Hill, U Bangert, A Bleloch, ...
Nano letters 8 (8), 2442-2446, 2008
Electronic properties of graphene
KS Novoselov, SV Morozov, TMG Mohinddin, LA Ponomarenko, DC Elias, ...
physica status solidi (b) 244 (11), 4106-4111, 2007
Controllable chemical vapor deposition of large area uniform nanocrystalline graphene directly on silicon dioxide
J Sun, N Lindvall, MT Cole, T Wang, TJ Booth, P Bøggild, KBK Teo, J Liu, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (4), 044103, 2012
Discrete dynamics of nanoparticle channelling in suspended graphene
TJ Booth, F Pizzocchero, H Andersen, TW Hansen, JB Wagner, ...
Nano Letters 11 (7), 2689-2692, 2011
Unforeseen high temperature and humidity stability of FeCl3 intercalated few layer graphene
DJ Wehenkel, TH Bointon, T Booth, P Bøggild, MF Craciun, S Russo
Scientific reports 5, 7609, 2015
Fast and direct measurements of the electrical properties of graphene using micro four-point probes
MB Klarskov, HF Dam, DH Petersen, TM Hansen, A Löwenborg, TJ Booth, ...
Nanotechnology 22 (44), 445702, 2011
Geim, a K
KS Novoselov
Morozov, S. V, 666-669, 2007
Manipulation and in situ transmission electron microscope characterization of sub-100 nm nanostructures using a microfabricated nanogripper
A Cagliani, R Wierzbicki, L Occhipinti, DH Petersen, KN Dyvelkov, ...
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 20 (3), 035009, 2010
Universal dynamic conductivity and quantized visible opacity of suspended graphene
RR Nair, P Blake, AN Grigorenko, KS Novoselov, TJ Booth, T Stauber, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:0803.3718, 2008
Sputtering an exterior metal coating on copper enclosure for large-scale growth of single-crystalline graphene
B Luo, JM Caridad, PR Whelan, JD Thomsen, DMA Mackenzie, AG Čabo, ...
2D Materials 4 (4), 045017, 2017
Probing the nanoscale origin of strain and doping in graphene-hBN heterostructures
T Vincent, V Panchal, T Booth, SR Power, AP Jauho, V Antonov, ...
2D Materials 6 (1), 015022, 2018
Pattern recognition approach to quantify the atomic structure of graphene
J Kling, JS Vestergaard, AB Dahl, N Stenger, TJ Booth, P Bøggild, ...
Carbon 74, 363-366, 2014
Schedin. et al
KS Novoselov, D Jiang
Two-dimensional atomic crystals//PNAS 102 (30), 10451-10453, 2005
Silica-Encapsulated Nanoparticle Films as Surface Modifications for MEMS
KM Hurst, N Ansari, CB Roberts, WR Ashurst
Journal of microelectromechanical systems 20 (5), 1065-1067, 2011
Microfabricated systems for electron microscopy of nanoscale processes: In-situ TEM creation of Si nanowire devices and in-situ SEM electrochemistry
K Mølhave, C Kallesøe, CY Wen, FM Ross, T Booth, TK Nellemann, ...
Microscopy and Microanalysis 16 (S2), 322-323, 2010
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