Anvar Zakhidov
Anvar Zakhidov
University of Texas at Dallas, ITMO University
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Carbon nanotubes--the route toward applications
RH Baughman, AA Zakhidov, WA De Heer
science 297 (5582), 787-792, 2002
Carbon nanotube actuators
RH Baughman, C Cui, AA Zakhidov, Z Iqbal, JN Barisci, GM Spinks, ...
Science 284 (5418), 1340-1344, 1999
Strong, transparent, multifunctional, carbon nanotube sheets
M Zhang, S Fang, AA Zakhidov, SB Lee, AE Aliev, CD Williams, ...
science 309 (5738), 1215-1219, 2005
Carbon structures with three-dimensional periodicity at optical wavelengths
AA Zakhidov, RH Baughman, Z Iqbal, C Cui, I Khayrullin, SO Dantas, ...
Science 282 (5390), 897-901, 1998
Negative Poisson's ratios as a common feature of cubic metals
RH Baughman, JM Shacklette, AA Zakhidov, S Stafström
Nature 392 (6674), 362-365, 1998
Fabrication of twisted and non-twisted nanofiber yarns
M Zhang, RH Baughman, KR Atkinson
US Patent 8,926,933, 2015
Doping effect of buckminsterfullerene in conducting polymer: Change of absorption spectrum and quenching of luminescene
S Morita, AA Zakhidov, K Yoshino
Solid state communications 82 (4), 249-252, 1992
Giant-stroke, superelastic carbon nanotube aerogel muscles
AE Aliev, J Oh, ME Kozlov, AA Kuznetsov, S Fang, AF Fonseca, R Ovalle, ...
science 323 (5921), 1575-1578, 2009
Linear and nonlinear wave propagation in negative refraction metamaterials
VM Agranovich, YR Shen, RH Baughman, AA Zakhidov
Physical Review B 69 (16), 165112, 2004
Aerosol-synthesized SWCNT networks with tunable conductivity and transparency by a dry transfer technique
A Kaskela, AG Nasibulin, MY Timmermans, B Aitchison, A Papadimitratos, ...
Nano letters 10 (11), 4349-4355, 2010
Biscrolling nanotube sheets and functional guests into yarns
MD Lima, S Fang, X Lepró, C Lewis, R Ovalle-Robles, ...
Science 331 (6013), 51-55, 2011
Harvesting waste thermal energy using a carbon-nanotube-based thermo-electrochemical cell
R Hu, BA Cola, N Haram, JN Barisci, S Lee, S Stoughton, G Wallace, ...
Nano letters 10 (3), 838-846, 2010
Extended carrier lifetimes and diffusion in hybrid perovskites revealed by Hall effect and photoconductivity measurements
Y Chen, HT Yi, X Wu, R Haroldson, YN Gartstein, YI Rodionov, ...
Nature Communications 7 (1), 1-9, 2016
Electro-optic behavior of liquid-crystal-filled silica opal photonic crystals: Effect of liquid-crystal alignment
D Kang, JE Maclennan, NA Clark, AA Zakhidov, RH Baughman
Physical Review Letters 86 (18), 4052, 2001
Tunable, Gap‐State Lasing in Switchable Directions for Opal Photonic Crystals
MN Shkunov, ZV Vardeny, MC DeLong, RC Polson, AA Zakhidov, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 12 (1), 21-26, 2002
Enhanced photoconductivity of C60 doped poly (3-alkylthiophene)
K Yoshino, XH Yin, S Morita, T Kawai, AA Zakhidov
Solid state communications 85 (2), 85-88, 1993
Thermal transport in MWCNT sheets and yarns
AE Aliev, C Guthy, M Zhang, S Fang, AA Zakhidov, JE Fischer, ...
Carbon 45 (15), 2880-2888, 2007
Spinning, processing, and applications of carbon nanotube filaments, ribbons, and yarns
A Lobovsky, J Matrunich, M Kozlov, RC Morris, RH Baughman, ...
US Patent 6,682,677, 2004
Observation of inhibited spontaneous emission and stimulated emission of rhodamine 6G in polymer replica of synthetic opal
K Yoshino, SB Lee, S Tatsuhara, Y Kawagishi, M Ozaki, AA Zakhidov
Applied physics letters 73 (24), 3506-3508, 1998
Robust cell migration and neuronal growth on pristine carbon nanotube sheets and yarns
P Galvan-Garcia, EW Keefer, F Yang, M Zhang, S Fang, AA Zakhidov, ...
Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition 18 (10), 1245-1261, 2007
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