Mark W Johnson
Mark W Johnson
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Quantum annealing with manufactured spins
MW Johnson, MHS Amin, S Gildert, T Lanting, F Hamze, N Dickson, ...
Nature 473 (7346), 194-198, 2011
Architectural considerations in the design of a superconductingquantum annealing processor
P Bunyk, E Hoskinson, M Johnson, E Tolkacheva, F Altomare, A Berkley, ...
IEEE, 2014
Entanglement in a quantum annealing processor
T Lanting, AJ Przybysz, AY Smirnov, FM Spedalieri, MH Amin, AJ Berkley, ...
Physical Review X 4 (2), 021041, 2014
Observation of topological phenomena in a programmable lattice of 1,800 qubits
AD King, J Carrasquilla, J Raymond, I Ozfidan, E Andriyash, A Berkley, ...
Nature 560 (7719), 456, 2018
Experimental investigation of an eight-qubit unit cell in a superconducting optimization processor
R Harris, MW Johnson, T Lanting, AJ Berkley, J Johansson, P Bunyk, ...
Physical Review B 82 (2), 024511, 2010
Thermally assisted quantum annealing of a 16-qubit problem
NG Dickson, MW Johnson, MH Amin, R Harris, F Altomare, AJ Berkley, ...
Nature communications 4, 1903, 2013
Phase transitions in a programmable quantum spin glass simulator
R Harris, Y Sato, AJ Berkley, M Reis, F Altomare, MH Amin, K Boothby, ...
Science 361 (6398), 162-165, 2018
Experimental demonstration of a robust and scalable flux qubit
R Harris, J Johansson, AJ Berkley, MW Johnson, T Lanting, S Han, ...
Physical Review B 81 (13), 134510, 2010
A scalable control system for a superconducting adiabatic quantum optimization processor
MW Johnson, P Bunyk, F Maibaum, E Tolkacheva, AJ Berkley, ...
Superconductor Science and Technology 23 (6), 065004, 2010
Sign-and magnitude-tunable coupler for superconducting flux qubits
R Harris, AJ Berkley, MW Johnson, P Bunyk, S Govorkov, MC Thom, ...
Physical review letters 98 (17), 177001, 2007
Nonequilibrium photon‐induced hotspot: A new mechanism for photodetection in ultrathin metallic films
AM Kadin, MW Johnson
Applied physics letters 69 (25), 3938-3940, 1996
A scalable readout system for a superconducting adiabatic quantum optimization system
AJ Berkley, MW Johnson, P Bunyk, R Harris, J Johansson, T Lanting, ...
Superconductor Science and Technology 23 (10), 105014, 2010
Compound Josephson-junction coupler for flux qubits with minimal crosstalk
R Harris, T Lanting, AJ Berkley, J Johansson, MW Johnson, P Bunyk, ...
Physical Review B 80 (5), 052506, 2009
Probing noise in flux qubits via macroscopic resonant tunneling
R Harris, MW Johnson, S Han, AJ Berkley, J Johansson, P Bunyk, ...
Physical review letters 101 (11), 117003, 2008
Systems, devices, and methods for controllably coupling qubits
PI Bunyk, MW Johnson
US Patent 7,800,395, 2010
Geometrical dependence of the low-frequency noise in superconducting flux qubits
T Lanting, AJ Berkley, B Bumble, P Bunyk, A Fung, J Johansson, A Kaul, ...
Physical Review B 79 (6), 060509, 2009
A near-term quantum computing approach for hard computational problems in space exploration
VN Smelyanskiy, EG Rieffel, SI Knysh, CP Williams, MW Johnson, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1204.2821, 2012
Analog processor comprising quantum devices
MW Johnson, PI Bunyk
US Patent 7,624,088, 2009
Tunneling spectroscopy using a probe qubit
AJ Berkley, AJ Przybysz, T Lanting, R Harris, N Dickson, F Altomare, ...
Physical Review B 87 (2), 020502, 2013
Fabrication of high current density Nb integrated circuits using a self-aligned junction anodization process
GL Kerber, LA Abelson, K Edwards, R Hu, MW Johnson, ML Leung, ...
Applied Superconductivity, IEEE Transactions on 13 (2), 82-86, 2003
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