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Alexander Veber
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On the origin of near-IR luminescence in Bi-doped materials (II). Subvalent monocation Bi⁺ and cluster Bi₅³⁺ luminescence in AlCl₃/ZnCl₂/BiCl₃ chloride glass.
AN Romanov, ZT Fattakhova, AA Veber, OV Usovich, EV Haula, ...
Optics express 20 (7), 7212-7220, 2012
Near-IR luminescence from subvalent bismuth species in fluoride glass
AN Romanov, EV Haula, ZT Fattakhova, AA Veber, VB Tsvetkov, ...
Optical Materials 34 (1), 155-158, 2011
Spectral properties and NIR photoluminescence of Bi+ impurity in CsCdCl 3 ternary chloride
AN Romanov, AA Veber, ZT Fattakhova, DN Vtyurina, MS Kouznetsov, ...
Journal of Luminescence 149, 292-296, 2014
Subvalent bismuth monocation Bi⁺ photoluminescence in ternary halide crystals KAlCl< sub> 4</sub> and KMgCl< sub> 3</sub>
AN Romanov, AA Veber, ZT Fattakhova, OV Usovich, EV Haula, ...
Journal of Luminescence 134, 180-183, 2013
Luminescent properties of Bi-doped polycrystalline KAlCl4
AA Veber, AN Romanov, OV Usovich, ZT Fattakhova, EV Haula, ...
Applied Physics B 108 (4), 733-736, 2012
Near infrared photoluminescence of the univalent bismuth impurity center in leucite and pollucite crystal hosts
AN Romanov, AA Veber, DN Vtyurina, ZT Fattakhova, EV Haula, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 3 (15), 3592-3598, 2015
NIR photoluminescence of bismuth-doped CsCdBr 3–The first ternary bromide phase with a univalent bismuth impurity center
AN Romanov, AA Veber, DN Vtyurina, MS Kouznetsov, KS Zaramenskikh, ...
Journal of Luminescence 167, 371-375, 2015
Optical properties of the Bi+ center in KAlCl 4
AA Veber, AN Romanov, OV Usovich, ZT Fattakhova, EV Haula, ...
Journal of Luminescence 151, 247-255, 2014
Effect of thermally induced structural disorder on the chemical durability of International Simple Glass
F Angeli, T Charpentier, P Jollivet, D De Ligny, M Bergler, A Veber, S Gin, ...
npj Materials Degradation 2 (1), 31, 2018
Combined Differential scanning calorimetry, Raman and Brillouin spectroscopies: A multiscale approach for materials investigation
A Veber, MR Cicconi, H Reinfelder, D de Ligny
Analytica chimica acta 998, 37-44, 2018
Nano-Structured Optical Fibers Made of Glass-Ceramics, and Phase Separated and Metallic Particle-Containing Glasses
A Veber, Z Lu, M Vermillac, F Pigeonneau, W Blanc, L Petit
Fibers 7 (12), 105, 2019
Optical Properties and Bismuth Redox in Bi-Doped High-Silica Al–Si Glasses
A Veber, MR Cicconi, A Puri, D de Ligny
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (34), 19777-19792, 2018
Chemical tunability of europium emission in phosphate glasses
MR Cicconi, A Veber, D de Ligny, J Rocherullé, R Lebullenger, F Tessier
Journal of Luminescence 183, 53-61, 2017
Laser vibrometry based on analysis of the speckle pattern from a remote object
AA Veber, A Lyashedko, E Sholokhov, A Trikshev, A Kurkov, Y Pyrkov, ...
Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics 105 (3), 613-617, 2011
Laser-assisted production of Bi-doped silica glasses
OV Usovich, LA Trusov, VV Lennikov, G de la Fuente, AA Veber, PE Kazin
Materials Letters 85, 44-46, 2012
Formation of anions of nitroaromatic compounds in gases during UV laser irradiation
AA Veber, GE Kotkovskii, IL Martynov, AA Chistyakov
Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B 4 (4), 548-556, 2010
The spectral properties and the NIR photoluminescence of univalent bismuth Bi+ in RbAlCl4, CsAlCl4, RbMgCl3, CsMgCl3, KCdCl3 and RbCdCl3 crystal phases
DN Vtyurina, AN Romanov, AA Veber, ZT Fattakhova, AA Antonov, ...
Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B 10 (3), 388-393, 2016
Devitrification Behavior of Sol-Gel Derived ZrO2-SiO2 Rare-Earth Doped Glasses: Correlation between Structural and Optical Properties
M Isogai, A Veber, MR Cicconi, T Hayakawa, D de Ligny
Ceramics 1, 274-286, 2018
Effect of bending on the efficiency of the Yb LMA-fiber laser
AA Veber, AS Kurkov, VB Tsvetkov
Laser Physics 21 (2), 294-298, 2011
Development of magnesium‐aluminum‐silicate glass‐ceramics nucleated with Nb2O5
T Benitez, A Veber, K Pagnan Furlan, L Barros Rebouças, D de Ligny, ...
International Journal of Applied Glass Science 11 (1), 155-169, 2020
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