Francesco Randi
Francesco Randi
Physics Department, Princeton. Grass Fellow, MBL
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Decoding locomotion from population neural activity in moving C. elegans
KM Hallinen, R Dempsey, M Scholz, X Yu, A Linder, F Randi, A Sharma, ...
bioRxiv, 445643, 2021
Searching for collective behavior in a small brain
X Chen, F Randi, AM Leifer, W Bialek
Physical Review E 99 (5), 052418, 2019
Photon number statistics uncover the fluctuations in non-equilibrium lattice dynamics
M Esposito, K Titimbo, K Zimmermann, F Giusti, F Randi, D Boschetto, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 1-7, 2015
Pulsed homodyne Gaussian quantum tomography with low detection efficiency
M Esposito, F Benatti, R Floreanini, S Olivares, F Randi, K Titimbo, ...
New Journal of Physics 16 (4), 043004, 2014
Bypassing the energy-time uncertainty in time-resolved photoemission
F Randi, D Fausti, M Eckstein
Physical Review B 95, 115132, 2017
Phase separation in the non-equilibrium Verwey transition in magnetite
F Randi, I Vergara, F Novelli, M Esposito, M Dell'Angela, VAM Brabers, ...
Physical Review B 93, 054305, 2016
Signatures of Enhanced Superconducting Phase Coherence in Optimally Doped Driven by Midinfrared Pulse Excitations
F Giusti, A Marciniak, F Randi, G Sparapassi, F Boschini, H Eisaki, ...
Physical review letters 122 (6), 067002, 2019
Fast deep neural correspondence for tracking and identifying neurons in C. elegans using semi-synthetic training
X Yu, MS Creamer, F Randi, AK Sharma, SW Linderman, AM Leifer
Elife 10, e66410, 2021
Probing the fluctuations of optical properties in time-resolved spectroscopy
F Randi, M Esposito, F Giusti, O Misochko, F Parmigiani, D Fausti, ...
Physical Review Letters 119 (18), 187403, 2017
Measuring and modeling whole-brain neural dynamics in Caenorhabditis elegans
F Randi, AM Leifer
Current opinion in neurobiology 65, 167-175, 2020
Quantum interferences reconstruction with low homodyne detection efficiency
M Esposito, F Randi, K Titimbo, G Kourousias, A Curri, R Floreanini, ...
EPJ Quantum Technology 3 (1), 1-17, 2016
The Thinnest Carpet on the Smallest Staircase: The Growth of Graphene on Rh(533)
B Casarin, A Cian, Z Feng, E Monachino, F Randi, G Zamborlini, M Zonno, ...
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (12), 6242-6250, 2014
Pulsed homodyne detection for quantum state reconstruction applied to ultrafast non-equilibrium spectroscopy
F Randi
Universitá degli Studi di Trieste, 2013
Anisotropic time-domain electronic response in cuprates driven by midinfrared pulses
F Giusti, A Montanaro, A Marciniak, F Randi, F Boschini, F Glerean, G Jarc, ...
Physical Review B 104 (12), 125121, 2021
Low-energy physics in strongly correlated materials via nonlinear spectroscopies
F Randi
Università degli Studi di Trieste, 2017
Generazione e caratterizzazione di un impulso supercontinuo di luce bianca
F Randi, DD Fausti, F Parmigiani
Tesi di laurea triennale, Università degli studi di Trieste, 2011
Nonequilibrium Green’s functions for functional connectivity in the brain
F Randi, AM Leifer
Physical review letters 126 (11), 118102, 2021
Quantum tomography for time domain Balanced Homodyne Detection with high electronic noise
M Esposito, D Fausti, S Olivares, F Benatti, R Floreanini, F Novelli, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1301.2471, 2013
A functional connectivity atlas of measured by neural activation
F Randi, AK Sharma, S Dvali, AM Leifer
arXiv preprint arXiv:2208.04790, 2022
Functional connectivity in the C. elegans brain
F Randi, A Sharma, S Dvali, A Leifer
Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 2022
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