Ricardo Díez Muiño
Ricardo Díez Muiño
Ikerbasque Professor / Director of Donostia International Physics Center
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Role of electron-hole pair excitations in the dissociative adsorption of diatomic molecules on metal surfaces
JI Juaristi, M Alducin, RD Muiño, HF Busnengo, A Salin
Physical Review Letters 100 (11), 116102, 2008
The simplest double slit: interference and entanglement in double photoionization of H2
D Akoury, K Kreidi, T Jahnke, T Weber, A Staudte, M Schöffler, ...
Science 318 (5852), 949-952, 2007
Complete photo-fragmentation of the deuterium molecule
T Weber, AO Czasch, O Jagutzki, AK Müller, V Mergel, A Kheifets, ...
Nature 431 (7007), 437-440, 2004
Theory of Auger neutralization and deexcitation of slow ions at metal surfaces
MA Cazalilla, N Lorente, RD Muino, JP Gauyacq, D Teillet-Billy, ...
Physical Review B 58 (20), 13991, 1998
Circular Dichroism in K-Shell Ionization from Fixed-in-Space CO and N_ {2} Molecules
T Jahnke, T Weber, AL Landers, A Knapp, S Schössler, J Nickles, ...
Physical Review Letters 88 (7), 73002, 2002
K-shell photoionization of CO and N2: is there a link between the photoelectron angular distribution and the molecular decay dynamics?
T Weber, O Jagutzki, M Hattass, A Staudte, A Nauert, L Schmidt, MH Prior, ...
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 34 (18), 3669, 2001
Electronic Friction Dominates Hydrogen Hot-Atom Relaxation on Pd (100)
M Blanco-Rey, JI Juaristi, RD Muiño, HF Busnengo, GJ Kroes, M Alducin
Physical Review Letters 112 (10), 103203, 2014
Competition between electron and phonon excitations in the scattering of nitrogen atoms and molecules off tungsten and silver metal surfaces
L Martin-Gondre, M Alducin, GA Bocan, R Díez Muiño, JI Juaristi
Physical Review Letters 108 (9), 096101, 2012
Why N2 Molecules with Thermal Energy Abundantly Dissociate on W (100) and Not on W (110)
M Alducin, R Díez Muiño, HF Busnengo, A Salin
Physical Review Letters 97 (5), 056102, 2006
Dynamics of Gas-Surface Interactions: Atomic-level Understanding of Scattering Processes at Surfaces
R Díez Muiño, HF Busnengo
Springer Series in Surface Sciences, 2013
Angular momentum–induced delays in solid-state photoemission enhanced by intra-atomic interactions
F Siek, S Neb, P Bartz, M Hensen, C Strüber, S Fiechter, ...
Science 357 (6357), 1274-1277, 2017
Non-adiabatic effects in elementary reaction processes at metal surfaces
M Alducin, RD Muiño, JI Juaristi
Progress in Surface Science 92, 317 (2017), 2017
Time-dependent density-functional calculation of the stopping power for protons and antiprotons in metals
M Quijada, AG Borisov, I Nagy, RD Muiño, PM Echenique
Physical Review A 75 (4), 042902, 2007
Time-dependent electron phenomena at surfaces
RD Muiño, D Sánchez-Portal, VM Silkin, EV Chulkov, PM Echenique
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (3), 971-976, 2011
Comprehensive analysis of the stopping power of antiprotons and negative muons in He and gas targets
G Schiwietz, U Wille, RD Muino, PD Fainstein, PL Grande
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 29, 307, 1996
The role of exchange-correlation functionals in the potential energy surface and dynamics of N2 dissociation on W surfaces
GA Bocan, RD Muiño, M Alducin, HF Busnengo, A Salin
The Journal of Chemical Physics 128 (15), 154704, 2008
Auger electron emission from fixed-in-space CO
T Weber, M Weckenbrock, M Balser, L Schmidt, O Jagutzki, W Arnold, ...
Physical Review Letters 90 (15), 153003, 2003
Low sticking probability in the nonactivated dissociation of N2 molecules on W (110)
M Alducin, R Díez Muiño, HF Busnengo, A Salin
The Journal of Chemical Physics 125 (14), 144705-144705-10, 2006
Multiscale Theoretical Modeling of Plasmonic Sensing of Hydrogen Uptake in Palladium Nanodisks
M Ameen Poyli, VM Silkin, IP Chernov, PM Echenique, R Diez Muino, ...
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 3 (18), 2556-2561, 2012
L-shell filling rates of highly charged ions in metals
RD Muiño, N Stolterfoht, A Arnau, A Salin, PM Echenique
Physical Review Letters 76 (24), 4636, 1996
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