Gergo Orban
Gergo Orban
Head, Computational Systems Neuroscience Lab, HUN-REN Wigner Research Centre, Budapest, Hungary
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Statistically optimal perception and learning: from behavior to neural representations
J Fiser, P Berkes, G Orbán, M Lengyel
Trends in cognitive sciences 14 (3), 119-130, 2010
Spontaneous cortical activity reveals hallmarks of an optimal internal model of the environment
P Berkes, G Orbán, M Lengyel, J Fiser
Science 331 (6013), 83-87, 2011
Bayesian learning of visual chunks by human observers
G Orbán, J Fiser, RN Aslin, M Lengyel
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (7), 2745-2750, 2008
Neural Variability and Sampling-Based Probabilistic Representations in the Visual Cortex
G Orbán, P Berkes, J Fiser, M Lengyel
Neuron 92 (2), 530-543, 2016
Representations of uncertainty in sensorimotor control
G Orbán, DM Wolpert
Current opinion in neurobiology 21 (4), 629-635, 2011
Modulation of septo-hippocampal θ activity by GABAA receptors: an experimental and computational approach
M Hajós, WE Hoffmann, G Orbán, T Kiss, P Erdi
Neuroscience 126 (3), 599-610, 2004
Cognitive tomography reveals complex, task-independent mental representations
NMT Houlsby, F Huszár, MM Ghassemi, G Orbán, DM Wolpert, M Lengyel
Current Biology 23 (21), 2169-2175, 2013
Intrinsic and synaptic mechanisms determining the timing of neuron population activity during hippocampal theta oscillation
G Orban, T Kiss, P Érdi
Journal of Neurophysiology 96 (6), 2889-2904, 2006
Stimulus complexity shapes response correlations in primary visual cortex
M Bányai, A Lazar, L Klein, J Klon-Lipok, M Stippinger, W Singer, G Orbán
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 201816766, 2019
Episodic memory as a prerequisite for online updates of model structure
D Nagy, G Orban
Measuring and filtering reactive inhibition is essential for assessing serial decision making and learning.
B Török, K Janacsek, DG Nagy, G Orbán, D Nemeth
Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 146 (4), 529, 2017
Hippocampal rhythm generation: gamma-related theta-frequency resonance in CA3 interneurons
G Orbán, T Kiss, M Lengyel, P Érdi
Biological Cybernetics 84 (2), 123-132, 2001
Theta oscillation‐coupled dendritic spiking integrates inputs on a long time scale
Z Huhn, G Orbán, P Érdi, M Lengyel
Hippocampus 15 (7), 950-962, 2005
Pharmacological and computational analysis of alpha-subunit preferential GABAA positive allosteric modulators on the rat septo-hippocampal activity
B Ujfalussy, T Kiss, G Orbán, WE Hoffmann, P Érdi, M Hajós
Neuropharmacology 52 (3), 733-743, 2007
Sampling motion trajectories during hippocampal theta sequences
BB Ujfalussy, G Orbán
Elife 11, e74058, 2022
Optimal forgetting: Semantic compression of episodic memories
DG Nagy, B Török, G Orbán
PLoS Computational Biology 16 (10), e1008367, 2020
Intrahippocampal gamma and theta rhythm generation in a network model of inhibitory interneurons
T Kiss, G Orbán, M Lengyel, P Érdi
Neurocomputing 38, 713-719, 2001
Continuous multiplexed population representations of task context in the mouse primary visual cortex
MA Hajnal, D Tran, M Einstein, MV Martelo, K Safaryan, PO Polack, ...
Nature Communications 14 (1), 6687, 2023
How (not) to assess the importance of correlations for the matching of spontaneous and evoked activity
J Fiser, M Lengyel, C Savin, G Orbán, P Berkes
arXiv preprint arXiv:1301.6554, 2013
Modeling hippocampal theta oscillation: Applications in neuropharmacology and robot navigation
T Kiss, G Orbán, P Érdi
International journal of intelligent systems 21 (9), 903-917, 2006
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