Juri Nascimbene
Juri Nascimbene
BIOME Lab, Dipartimento di Scienze Biologiche, Geologiche e Ambientali, Alma Mater Studiorum
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Functional traits of epiphytic lichens as potential indicators of environmental conditions in forest ecosystems
P Giordani, G Brunialti, G Bacaro, J Nascimbene
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Factors influencing epiphytic bryophyte and lichen species richness at different spatial scales in managed temperate forests
I Király, J Nascimbene, F Tinya, P Ódor
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Influence of tree age, tree size and crown structure on lichen communities in mature Alpine spruce forests
J Nascimbene, L Marini, R Motta, PL Nimis
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Forest plant diversity is threatened by Robinia pseudoacacia (black-locust) invasion
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Testing Lobaria pulmonaria (L.) Hoffm. as an indicator of lichen conservation importance of Italian forests
J Nascimbene, G Brunialti, S Ravera, L Frati, G Caniglia
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Influence of forest management on epiphytic lichens in a temperate beech forest of northern Italy
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Biodiversity response to forest structure and management: Comparing species richness, conservation relevant species and functional diversity as metrics in forest conservation
C Lelli, HH Bruun, A Chiarucci, D Donati, F Frascaroli, Ö Fritz, I Goldberg, ...
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Evaluating the conservation status of epiphytic lichens of Italy: a red list
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Epiphytic lichen diversity along elevational gradients: biological traits reveal a complex response to water and energy
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Epiphytic lichen diversity in old-growth and managed Picea abies stands in Alpine spruce forests
J Nascimbene, L Marini, PL Nimis
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Organic farming benefits local plant diversity in vineyard farms located in intensive agricultural landscapes
J Nascimbene, L Marini, MG Paoletti
Environmental management 49 (5), 1054-1060, 2012
Exploring the potential of vineyards for biodiversity conservation and delivery of biodiversity-mediated ecosystem services: A global-scale systematic review
A Paiola, G Assandri, M Brambilla, M Zottini, P Pedrini, J Nascimbene
Science of the total environment 706, 135839, 2020
Climate change fosters the decline of epiphytic Lobaria species in Italy
J Nascimbene, G Casazza, R Benesperi, I Catalano, D Cataldo, M Grillo, ...
Biological Conservation 201, 377-384, 2016
Plant–environment interactions through a functional traits perspective: a review of Italian studies
S Chelli, M Marignani, E Barni, A Petraglia, G Puglielli, C Wellstein, ...
Plant Biosystems-An International Journal Dealing with all Aspects of Plant …, 2019
Contrasting responses of epiphytic and dead wood-dwelling lichen diversity to forest management abandonment in silver fir mature woodlands
J Nascimbene, M Dainese, T Sitzia
Forest Ecology and Management 289, 325-332, 2013
Influence of tree species on epiphytic macrolichens in temperate mixed forests of northern Italy
J Nascimbene, L Marini, PL Nimis
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Oak forest exploitation and black-locust invasion caused severe shifts in epiphytic lichen communities in Northern Italy
J Nascimbene, L Marini
Science of the Total Environment 408 (22), 5506-5512, 2010
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