Prof Anna Whittaker (previously Phillips)
Prof Anna Whittaker (previously Phillips)
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The other side of the coin: Blunted cardiovascular and cortisol reactivity are associated with negative health outcomes
AC Phillips, AT Ginty, BM Hughes
International Journal of Psychophysiology 90 (1), 1-7, 2013
Predictors of psychological morbidity in parents of children with intellectual disabilities
S Gallagher, AC Phillips, C Oliver, D Carroll
Journal of pediatric psychology 33 (10), 1129-1136, 2008
Generalized anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder, and their comorbidity as predictors of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality: the Vietnam experience study
AC Phillips, GD Batty, CR Gale, IJ Deary, D Osborn, K MacIntyre, ...
Psychosomatic medicine 71 (4), 395-403, 2009
The age‐related increase in low‐grade systemic inflammation (Inflammaging) is not driven by cytomegalovirus infection
DB Bartlett, CM Firth, AC Phillips, P Moss, D Baylis, H Syddall, AA Sayer, ...
Aging cell 11 (5), 912-915, 2012
Personality and physiological reactions to acute psychological stress
A Bibbey, D Carroll, TJ Roseboom, AC Phillips, SR de Rooij
International journal of psychophysiology 90 (1), 28-36, 2013
Body mass index, abdominal adiposity, obesity, and cardiovascular reactions to psychological stress in a large community sample
D Carroll, AC Phillips, G Der
Psychosomatic Medicine 70 (6), 653-660, 2008
The behavioural, cognitive, and neural corollaries of blunted cardiovascular and cortisol reactions to acute psychological stress
D Carroll, AT Ginty, AC Whittaker, WR Lovallo, SR De Rooij
Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews 77, 74-86, 2017
Symptoms of depression and cardiovascular reactions to acute psychological stress: evidence from a population study
D Carroll, AC Phillips, K Hunt, G Der
Biological psychology 75 (1), 68-74, 2007
Morning vaccination enhances antibody response over afternoon vaccination: a cluster-randomised trial
JE Long, MT Drayson, AE Taylor, KM Toellner, JM Lord, AC Phillips
Vaccine 34 (24), 2679-2685, 2016
Increased blood pressure reactions to acute mental stress are associated with 16‐year cardiovascular disease mortality
D Carroll, AT Ginty, G Der, K Hunt, M Benzeval, AC Phillips
Psychophysiology 49 (10), 1444-1448, 2012
Blunted cardiovascular reactivity relates to depression, obesity, and self-reported health
AC Phillips
Biological psychology 86 (2), 106-113, 2011
Development and validation of the guideline for reporting evidence-based practice educational interventions and teaching (GREET)
AC Phillips, LK Lewis, MP McEvoy, J Galipeau, P Glasziou, D Moher, ...
BMC medical education 16 (1), 1-10, 2016
Parental stress is associated with poor sleep quality in parents caring for children with developmental disabilities
S Gallagher, AC Phillips, D Carroll
Journal of Pediatric Psychology 35 (7), 728-737, 2010
Generalized anxiety and major depressive disorders, their comorbidity and hypertension in middle-aged men
D Carroll, AC Phillips, CR Gale, GD Batty
Psychosomatic Medicine 72 (1), 16-19, 2010
Negative life events and symptoms of depression and anxiety: stress causation and/or stress generation
AC Phillips, D Carroll, G Der
Anxiety, Stress, & Coping 28 (4), 357-371, 2015
Disordered eating behaviour is associated with blunted cortisol and cardiovascular reactions to acute psychological stress
AT Ginty, AC Phillips, S Higgs, JLJ Heaney, D Carroll
Psychoneuroendocrinology 37 (5), 715-724, 2012
Perceived Stress
AC Phillips
Encyclopedia of Behavioral Medicine, 2012
Neuroticism, cortisol reactivity, and antibody response to vaccination
AC Phillips, D Carroll, VE Burns, M Drayson
Psychophysiology 42 (2), 232-238, 2005
Bereavement and marriage are associated with antibody response to influenza vaccination in the elderly
AC Phillips, D Carroll, VE Burns, C Ring, J Macleod, M Drayson
Brain, behavior, and immunity 20 (3), 279-289, 2006
Stress, ageing and their influence on functional, cellular and molecular aspects of the immune system
A Vitlic, JM Lord, AC Phillips
Age 36 (3), 1169-1185, 2014
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