Dandan Guan
Dandan Guan
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Epitaxial growth of two-dimensional stanene
F Zhu, W Chen, Y Xu, C Gao, D Guan, C Liu, D Qian, SC Zhang, J Jia
Nature materials 14 (10), 1020-1025, 2015
Majorana zero mode detected with spin selective Andreev reflection in the vortex of a topological superconductor
HH Sun, KW Zhang, LH Hu, C Li, GY Wang, HY Ma, ZA Xu, CL Gao, ...
Physical review letters 116 (25), 257003, 2016
Experimental Detection of a Majorana Mode in the core of a Magnetic Vortex inside a Topological Insulator-Superconductor Heterostructure
JP Xu, MX Wang, ZL Liu, JF Ge, X Yang, C Liu, ZA Xu, D Guan, CL Gao, ...
Physical review letters 114 (1), 017001, 2015
Coexistence of the topological state and a two-dimensional electron gas on the surface of Bi2Se3
M Bianchi, D Guan, S Bao, J Mi, BB Iversen, PDC King, P Hofmann
Nature communications 1 (1), 128, 2010
Large Tunable Rashba Spin Splitting of a Two-Dimensional Electron Gas in
PDC King, RC Hatch, M Bianchi, R Ovsyannikov, C Lupulescu, G Landolt, ...
Physical review letters 107 (9), 096802, 2011
Evidence for a direct band gap in the topological insulator BiSe from theory and experiment
IA Nechaev, RC Hatch, M Bianchi, D Guan, C Friedrich, I Aguilera, JL Mi, ...
Physical Review B 87 (12), 121111, 2013
Stability of the (111) topological state: Electron-phonon and electron-defect scattering
RC Hatch, M Bianchi, D Guan, S Bao, J Mi, BB Iversen, L Nilsson, ...
Physical Review B 83 (24), 241303, 2011
Electronic structure of black phosphorus studied by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
CQ Han, MY Yao, XX Bai, L Miao, F Zhu, DD Guan, S Wang, CL Gao, ...
Physical Review B 90 (8), 085101, 2014
Strain Tunable Semimetal–Topological-Insulator Transition in Monolayer
C Zhao, M Hu, J Qin, B Xia, C Liu, S Wang, DD Guan, Y Li, H Zheng, J Liu, ...
Physical Review Letters 125 (4), 046801, 2020
The electronic structure of clean and adsorbate-covered Bi2Se3: an angle-resolved photoemission study
M Bianchi, RC Hatch, D Guan, T Planke, J Mi, BB Iversen, P Hofmann
Semiconductor Science and Technology 27 (12), 124001, 2012
Electronic structure of a superconducting topological insulator Sr-doped Bi2Se3
CQ Han, H Li, WJ Chen, F Zhu, MY Yao, ZJ Li, M Wang, BF Gao, ...
Applied Physics Letters 107 (17), 2015
Coexistence of topological edge state and superconductivity in bismuth ultrathin film
HH Sun, MX Wang, F Zhu, GY Wang, HY Ma, ZA Xu, Q Liao, Y Lu, CL Gao, ...
Nano Letters 17 (5), 3035-3039, 2017
Discovery of segmented Fermi surface induced by Cooper pair momentum
Z Zhu, M Papaj, XA Nie, HK Xu, YS Gu, X Yang, D Guan, S Wang, Y Li, ...
Science 374 (6573), 1381-1385, 2021
Phase Separation and Bulk p‐n Transition in Single Crystals of Bi2Te2Se Topological Insulator
JL Mi, M Bremholm, M Bianchi, K Borup, S Johnsen, M Søndergaard, ...
Advanced materials 25 (6), 889-893, 2013
Electron–phonon coupling in quasi-free-standing graphene
JC Johannsen, S Ulstrup, M Bianchi, R Hatch, D Guan, F Mazzola, ...
Journal of physics: Condensed matter 25 (9), 094001, 2013
Engineering of magnetic coupling in nanographene
Y Zheng, C Li, Y Zhao, D Beyer, G Wang, C Xu, X Yue, Y Chen, DD Guan, ...
Physical Review Letters 124 (14), 147206, 2020
Quasiparticle interference and nonsymmorphic effect on a floating band surface state of ZrSiSe
Z Zhu, TR Chang, CY Huang, H Pan, XA Nie, XZ Wang, ZT Jin, SY Xu, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 4153, 2018
Designer spin order in diradical nanographenes
Y Zheng, C Li, C Xu, D Beyer, X Yue, Y Zhao, G Wang, D Guan, Y Li, ...
Nature Communications 11 (1), 6076, 2020
Topologically nontrivial bismuth (111) thin films
MY Yao, F Zhu, CQ Han, DD Guan, C Liu, D Qian, J Jia
Scientific Reports 6 (1), 21326, 2016
High-temperature behavior of supported graphene: Electron-phonon coupling and substrate-induced doping
S Ulstrup, M Bianchi, R Hatch, D Guan, A Baraldi, D Alfe, L Hornekær, ...
Physical Review B 86 (16), 161402, 2012
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