Cristian Luciano
Cristian Luciano
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Virtual reality in neurosurgical education: part-task ventriculostomy simulation with dynamic visual and haptic feedback
GM Lemole Jr, PP Banerjee, C Luciano, S Neckrysh, FT Charbel
Neurosurgery 61 (1), 142-149, 2007
Virtual reality training in neurosurgery: review of current status and future applications
A Alaraj, MG Lemole, JH Finkle, R Yudkowsky, A Wallace, C Luciano, ...
Surgical neurology international 2, 2011
Compact haptic and augmented virtual reality system
P Banerjee, C Luciano, G Dawe, L Florea, AD Steinberg, J Drummond, ...
US Patent 7,812,815, 2010
Virtual reality cerebral aneurysm clipping simulation with real-time haptic feedback
A Alaraj, CJ Luciano, DP Bailey, A Elsenousi, BZ Roitberg, A Bernardo, ...
Operative Neurosurgery 11 (1), 52-58, 2015
Haptics-based virtual reality periodontal training simulator
C Luciano, P Banerjee, T DeFanti
Virtual reality 13, 69-85, 2009
Role of cranial and spinal virtual and augmented reality simulation using immersive touch modules in neurosurgical training
A Alaraj, FT Charbel, D Birk, M Tobin, C Luciano, PP Banerjee, S Rizzi, ...
Neurosurgery 72, A115-A123, 2013
Practice on an augmented reality/haptic simulator and library of virtual brains improves residents’ ability to perform a ventriculostomy
R Yudkowsky, C Luciano, P Banerjee, A Schwartz, A Alaraj, ...
Simulation in Healthcare 8 (1), 25-31, 2013
Learning retention of thoracic pedicle screw placement using a high-resolution augmented reality simulator with haptic feedback
CJ Luciano, PP Banerjee, B Bellotte, GM Oh, M Lemole Jr, FT Charbel, ...
Operative Neurosurgery 69, ons14-ons19, 2011
Haptic augmented and virtual reality system for simulation of surgical procedures
PP Banerjee, CJ Luciano
US Patent 9,563,266, 2017
Accuracy of ventriculostomy catheter placement using a head-and hand-tracked high-resolution virtual reality simulator with haptic feedback
PP Banerjee, CJ Luciano, GM Lemole, FT Charbel, MY Oh
Journal of neurosurgery 107 (3), 515-521, 2007
Virtual reality spine surgery simulation: an empirical study of its usefulness
J Gasco, A Patel, J Ortega-Barnett, D Branch, S Desai, YF Kuo, C Luciano, ...
Neurological research 36 (11), 968-973, 2014
Haptic augmented and virtual reality system for simulation of surgical procedures
PP Banerjee, CJ Luciano, A Alaraj, FT Charbel, J Jiang
US Patent 10,108,266, 2018
Design of the immersivetouch: a high-performance haptic augmented virtual reality system
C Luciano, P Banerjee, L Florea, G Dawe
11th international conference on human-computer interaction, Las Vegas, NV, 2005
Percutaneous spinal fixation simulation with virtual reality and haptics
CJ Luciano, PP Banerjee, JM Sorenson, KT Foley, SA Ansari, S Rizzi, ...
Neurosurgery 72, A89-A96, 2013
Graphical user interface for displaying automatically segmented individual parts of anatomy in a surgical navigation system
KB Siemionow, CJ Luciano, EIM OROZCO
US Patent 11,622,818, 2023
Second generation haptic ventriculostomy simulator using the ImmersiveTouch system
C Luciano, P Banerjee, GM Lemole, F Charbel
Stud Health Technol Inform 119, 343-348, 2006
Graphical user interface for a surgical navigation system and method for providing an augmented reality image during operation
KB Siemionow, CJ Luciano
US Patent 10,646,285, 2020
Identification and tracking of a predefined object in a set of images from a medical image scanner during a surgical procedure
KB Siemionow, CJ Luciano, M Trzmiel, M Fularz, EIM OROZCO
US Patent App. 16/236,663, 2019
The magazine archive includes every article published in Communications of the ACM for over the past 50 years.
MR Crusoe, S Abeln, A Iosup, P Amstutz, J Chilton, N Tijanić, H Ménager, ...
Communications of the ACM 65 (6), 54-63, 2022
Method for patient registration, calibration, and real-time augmented reality image display during surgery
KB Siemionow, CJ Luciano
US Patent App. 16/217,061, 2019
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