Danila S. Bakhtin
Danila S. Bakhtin
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Stabilization of gas transport properties of PTMSP with porous aromatic framework: Effect of annealing
AV Volkov, DS Bakhtin, LA Kulikov, MV Terenina, GS Golubev, ...
Journal of Membrane Science 517, 80-90, 2016
Synergistic enhancement of gas selectivity in thin film composite membranes of PIM-1
I Borisov, D Bakhtin, JM Luque-Alled, A Rybakova, V Makarova, AB Foster, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7 (11), 6417-6430, 2019
Aging of thin-film composite membranes based on PTMSP loaded with porous aromatic frameworks
DS Bakhtin, LA Kulikov, SA Legkov, VS Khotimskiy, IS Levin, IL Borisov, ...
Journal of Membrane Science 554, 211-220, 2018
High-permeance crosslinked PTMSP thin-film composite membranes as supports for CO2 selective layer formation
SD Bazhenov, IL Borisov, DS Bakhtin, AN Rybakova, VS Khotimskiy, ...
Green Energy & Environment 1 (3), 235-245, 2016
Development of polysulfone hollow fiber porous supports for high flux composite membranes: Air plasma and piranha etching
I Borisov, A Ovcharova, D Bakhtin, S Bazhenov, A Volkov, R Ibragimov, ...
Fibers 5 (1), 6, 2017
Modifications of addition poly (5-vinyl-2-norbornene) and gas-transport properties of the obtained polymers
AI Wozniak, EV Bermesheva, FA Andreyanov, IL Borisov, DP Zarezin, ...
Reactive and Functional Polymers 149, 104513, 2020
Silicone rubbers with alkyl side groups for C3+ hydrocarbon separation
EA Grushevenko, IL Borisov, DS Bakhtin, GN Bondarenko, IS Levin, ...
Reactive and Functional Polymers 134, 156-165, 2019
CO2 stripping from ionic liquid at elevated pressures in gas-liquid membrane contactor
S Bazhenov, A Malakhov, D Bakhtin, V Khotimskiy, G Bondarenko, ...
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 71, 293-302, 2018
Membrane material based on octyl-substituted polymethylsiloxane for separation of C3/C1 hydrocarbons
EA Grushevenko, IL Borisov, DS Bakhtin, SA Legkov, GN Bondarenko, ...
Petroleum Chemistry 57 (4), 334-340, 2017
A novel hybrid material based on polytrimethylsilylpropyne and hypercrosslinked polystyrene for membrane gas separation and thermopervaporation
GS Golubev, IL Borisov, EG Litvinova, VS Khotimsky, DS Bakhtin, ...
Petroleum Chemistry 57 (6), 498-510, 2017
Heavy crude oil asphaltenes as a nanofiller for epoxy resin
VY Ignatenko, AV Kostyuk, JV Kostina, DS Bakhtin, VV Makarova, ...
Polymer Engineering & Science 60 (7), 1530-1545, 2020
Fabrication of microfiltration membranes from polyisobutylene/polymethylpentene blends
VY Ignatenko, TS Anokhina, SO Ilyin, AV Kostyuk, DS Bakhtin, ...
Polymer International 69 (2), 165-172, 2020
Gas permeability of PVTMS/CNT mixed matrix membranes
D Bakhtin, YS Eremin, AM Grekhov, VV Volkov
Physics Procedia 72, 166-170, 2015
Friedel-Crafts Synthesis of New Porous Aromatic Frameworks for Stabilizing Gas Transport Properties of Highly Permeable Glassy Polymers
LA Kulikov, DS Bakhtin, VG Polevaya, AV Balynin, AL Maksimov, ...
Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry 92 (2), 199-207, 2019
Formation of porous films with hydrophobic surface from a blend of polymers
TS Anokhina, SO Ilyin, VY Ignatenko, DS Bakhtin, AV Kostyuk, ...
Polymer Science, Series A 61 (5), 619-626, 2019
Stabilization of Gas Transport Properties of Composite Membranes with a Thin PTMSP Selective Layer by Adding Porous Aromatic Framework Nanoparticles and Simultaneous Polymer …
DS Bakhtin, LA Kulikov, GN Bondarenko, VP Vasilevskii, AL Maksimov, ...
Petroleum Chemistry 58 (9), 790-796, 2018
Asymmetric hollow-fiber filtration membranes based on insoluble polyimide (R-BAPB): Influence of coagulation bath on porous structure
IL Borisov, SD Bazhenov, VP Vasilevsky, DS Bakhtin, AV Balynin, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1696 (1), 012040, 2020
Formation of Microfiltration Membranes from PMP/PIB Blends: Effect of PIB Molecular Weight on Membrane Properties
S Ilyin, V Ignatenko, T Anokhina, D Bakhtin, A Kostyuk, E Dmitrieva, ...
Membranes 10 (1), 9, 2020
Effect of agglomeration of carbon nanotubes on gas permeability of PVTMS/CNT mixed matrix membranes
AM Grekhov, YS Eremin, D Bakhtin, VV Volkov
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 751 (1), 012048, 2016
Synthesis and Metathesis Polymerization of Cycloadduct Based on Quadricyclane and Perfluoro-1-octene
GO Karpov, DS Bakhtin, MV Bermeshev, IL Borisov, BA Bulgakov, ...
Polymer Science, Series B 61 (3), 387-394, 2019
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