Pasquale D'Angelo
Pasquale D'Angelo
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Silaindacenodithiophene‐based low band gap polymers–the effect of fluorine substitution on device performances and film morphologies
BC Schroeder, Z Huang, RS Ashraf, J Smith, P D'Angelo, SE Watkins, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 22 (8), 1663-1670, 2012
Layered distribution of charge carriers in organic thin film transistors
A Shehu, SD Quiroga, P D’Angelo, C Albonetti, F Borgatti, M Murgia, ...
Physical review letters 104 (24), 246602, 2010
Random benzotrithiophene-based donor–acceptor copolymers for efficient organic photovoltaic devices
CB Nielsen, RS Ashraf, BC Schroeder, P D’Angelo, SE Watkins, K Song, ...
Chemical Communications 48 (47), 5832-5834, 2012
Fullerene/cobalt porphyrin hybrid nanosheets with ambipolar charge transporting characteristics
T Wakahara, P D’Angelo, K Miyazawa, Y Nemoto, O Ito, N Tanigaki, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (17), 7204-7206, 2012
A successful chemical strategy to induce oligothiophene self-assembly into fibers with tunable shape and function
F Di Maria, P Olivelli, M Gazzano, A Zanelli, M Biasiucci, G Gigli, D Gentili, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (22), 8654-8661, 2011
Electrical transport properties characterization of PVK (poly N-vinylcarbazole) for electroluminescent devices applications
P D’Angelo, M Barra, A Cassinese, MG Maglione, P Vacca, C Minarini, ...
Solid-state electronics 51 (1), 123-129, 2007
A hybrid living/organic electrochemical transistor based on the Physarum polycephalum cell endowed with both sensing and memristive properties
G Tarabella, P D'Angelo, A Cifarelli, A Dimonte, A Romeo, T Berzina, ...
Chemical Science 6 (5), 2859-2868, 2015
Ambipolar multi‐stripe organic field‐effect transistors
M Cavallini, P D'Angelo, VV Criado, D Gentili, A Shehu, F Leonardi, ...
Advanced Materials 23 (43), 5091-5097, 2011
Liposome sensing and monitoring by organic electrochemical transistors integrated in microfluidics
G Tarabella, AG Balducci, N Coppedè, S Marasso, P D'Angelo, S Barbieri, ...
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-General Subjects 1830 (9), 4374-4380, 2013
Structure and Morphology of PDI8‐CN2 for n‐Type Thin‐Film Transistors
F Liscio, S Milita, C Albonetti, P D'Angelo, A Guagliardi, N Masciocchi, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 22 (5), 943-953, 2012
Germaindacenodithiophene based low band gap polymers for organic solar cells
Z Fei, RS Ashraf, Z Huang, J Smith, RJ Kline, P D'Angelo, TD Anthopoulos, ...
Chemical Communications 48 (24), 2955-2957, 2012
Multiscale morphology of organic semiconductor thin films controls the adhesion and viability of human neural cells
I Tonazzini, E Bystrenova, B Chelli, P Greco, P Stoliar, A Calò, A Lazar, ...
Biophysical journal 98 (12), 2804-2812, 2010
Pyrroloindacenodithiophene containing polymers for organic field effect transistors and organic photovoltaics
JE Donaghey, RS Ashraf, Y Kim, ZG Huang, CB Nielsen, W Zhang, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (46), 18744-18752, 2011
Irreversible evolution of eumelanin redox states detected by an organic electrochemical transistor: en route to bioelectronics and biosensing
G Tarabella, A Pezzella, A Romeo, P D'Angelo, N Coppede, M Calicchio, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 1 (31), 3843-3849, 2013
Integration of organic electrochemical transistors and immuno-affinity membranes for label-free detection of interleukin-6 in the physiological concentration range through …
D Gentili, P D’Angelo, F Militano, R Mazzei, T Poerio, M Brucale, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 6 (33), 5400-5406, 2018
A bio-inspired memory device based on interfacing Physarum polycephalum with an organic semiconductor
A Romeo, A Dimonte, G Tarabella, P D’Angelo, V Erokhin, S Iannotta
APL materials 3 (1), 014909, 2014
Structure and dynamics of pentacene on SiO: From monolayer to bulk structure
A Brillante, I Bilotti, RG Della Valle, E Venuti, A Girlando, M Masino, ...
Physical Review B 85 (19), 195308, 2012
Organic film thickness influence on the bias stress instability in sexithiophene field effect transistors
FV Di Girolamo, C Aruta, M Barra, P D’angelo, A Cassinese
Applied Physics A 96 (2), 481-487, 2009
Drug-induced cellular death dynamics monitored by a highly sensitive organic electrochemical system
A Romeo, G Tarabella, P D’Angelo, C Caffarra, D Cretella, R Alfieri, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 68, 791-797, 2015
Monitoring emulsion microstructure by using organic electrochemical transistors
V Preziosi, M Barra, A Perazzo, G Tarabella, A Romeo, SL Marasso, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5 (8), 2056-2065, 2017
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