Songxue Chi
Songxue Chi
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Orbitally driven giant phonon anharmonicity in SnSe
CW Li, J Hong, AF May, D Bansal, S Chi, T Hong, G Ehlers, O Delaire
Nature Physics 11 (12), 1063-1069, 2015
Direct evidence of a zigzag spin-chain structure in the honeycomb lattice: A neutron and x-ray diffraction investigation of single-crystal Na 2 IrO 3
F Ye, S Chi, H Cao, BC Chakoumakos, JA Fernandez-Baca, ...
Physical Review B 85 (18), 180403, 2012
Common Crystalline and Magnetic Structure of Superconducting A_ {2} Fe_ {4} Se_ {5}(A= K, Rb, Cs, Tl) Single Crystals Measured Using Neutron Diffraction
F Ye, S Chi, W Bao, XF Wang, JJ Ying, XH Chen, HD Wang, CH Dong, ...
Physical review letters 107 (13), 137003, 2011
Inelastic neutron-scattering measurements of a three-dimensional spin resonance in the FeAs-based BaFe 1.9 Ni 0.1 As 2 superconductor
S Chi, A Schneidewind, J Zhao, LW Harriger, L Li, Y Luo, G Cao, Z Xu, ...
Physical review letters 102 (10), 107006, 2009
Magnetic and crystal structures of Sr 2 IrO 4: A neutron diffraction study
F Ye, S Chi, BC Chakoumakos, JA Fernandez-Baca, T Qi, G Cao
Physical Review B 87 (14), 140406, 2013
Resonance in the electron-doped high-transition-temperature superconductor Pr0. 88LaCe0. 12CuO4-δ
SD Wilson, P Dai, S Li, S Chi, HJ Kang, JW Lynn
Nature 442 (7098), 59-62, 2006
Double-focusing thermal triple-axis spectrometer at the NCNR
JW Lynn, Y Chen, S Chang, Y Zhao, S Chi, W Ratcliff
Journal of research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology …, 2012
Structure and magnetic properties of the pyrochlore iridate Y 2 Ir 2 O 7
MC Shapiro, SC Riggs, MB Stone, CR de la Cruz, S Chi, AA Podlesnyak, ...
Physical Review B 85 (21), 214434, 2012
Role of random electric fields in relaxors
D Phelan, C Stock, JA Rodriguez-Rivera, S Chi, J Leão, X Long, Y Xie, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (5), 1754-1759, 2014
Electron-doping evolution of the low-energy spin excitations in the iron arsenide superconductor BaFe 2− x Ni x As 2
M Wang, H Luo, J Zhao, C Zhang, M Wang, K Marty, S Chi, JW Lynn, ...
Physical Review B 81 (17), 174524, 2010
Block magnetism coupled with local distortion in the iron-based spin-ladder compound BaFe 2 Se 3
Y Nambu, K Ohgushi, S Suzuki, F Du, M Avdeev, Y Uwatoko, K Munakata, ...
Physical Review B 85 (6), 064413, 2012
Neutron scattering studies of spin excitations in hole-doped Ba 0.67 K 0.33 Fe 2 As 2 superconductor
C Zhang, M Wang, H Luo, M Wang, M Liu, J Zhao, DL Abernathy, ...
Scientific Reports 1 (1), 1-8, 2011
Crystalline Electric Field as a Probe for Long-Range Antiferromagnetic Order and Superconducting State of
S Chi, DT Adroja, T Guidi, R Bewley, S Li, J Zhao, JW Lynn, CM Brown, ...
Physical review letters 101 (21), 217002, 2008
Spin Glass and Semiconducting Behavior in 1D BaFe2-{\ delta} Se3 Crystals
B Saparov, S Calder, B Sipos, H Cao, S Chi, DJ Singh, AD Christianson, ...
Arxiv preprint arXiv:1110.2439, 2011
Disappearance of static magnetic order and evolution of spin fluctuations in
Z Xu, J Wen, G Xu, Q Jie, Z Lin, Q Li, S Chi, DK Singh, G Gu, ...
Physical Review B 82 (10), 104525, 2010
Effect of magnetic field on the spin resonance in FeTe 0.5 Se 0.5 as seen via inelastic neutron scattering
J Wen, G Xu, Z Xu, ZW Lin, Q Li, Y Chen, S Chi, G Gu, JM Tranquada
Physical Review B 81 (10), 100513, 2010
Antiferromagnetic critical pressure in URu 2 Si 2 under hydrostatic conditions
NP Butch, JR Jeffries, S Chi, JB Leão, JW Lynn, MB Maple
Physical Review B 82 (6), 060408, 2010
Evolution of the bulk properties, structure, magnetic order, and superconductivity with Ni doping in CaFe 2− x Ni x As 2
N Kumar, S Chi, Y Chen, KG Rana, AK Nigam, A Thamizhavel, ...
Physical Review B 80 (14), 144524, 2009
Doping dependence of spin dynamics in electron-doped
K Matan, S Ibuka, R Morinaga, S Chi, JW Lynn, AD Christianson, ...
Physical Review B 82 (5), 054515, 2010
Itinerant Antiferromagnetism in
T Berlijn, PC Snijders, O Delaire, HD Zhou, TA Maier, HB Cao, SX Chi, ...
Physical review letters 118 (7), 077201, 2017
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