Jean-Luc Wolfender
Jean-Luc Wolfender
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Sharing and community curation of mass spectrometry data with Global Natural Products Social Molecular Networking
M Wang, JJ Carver, VV Phelan, LM Sanchez, N Garg, Y Peng, ...
Nature biotechnology 34 (8), 828-837, 2016
The pharmaceutical industry and natural products: historical status and new trends
B David, JL Wolfender, DA Dias
Phytochemistry Reviews 14 (2), 299-315, 2015
Current approaches and challenges for the metabolite profiling of complex natural extracts
JL Wolfender, G Marti, A Thomas, S Bertrand
Journal of Chromatography A 1382, 136-164, 2015
The potential of African plants as a source of drugs
K Hostettmann, A Marston, K Ndjoko, JL Wolfender
Current Organic Chemistry 4 (10), 973-1010, 2000
Metabolite induction via microorganism co-culture: a potential way to enhance chemical diversity for drug discovery
S Bertrand, N Bohni, S Schnee, O Schumpp, K Gindro, JL Wolfender
Biotechnology advances 32 (6), 1180-1204, 2014
Spatial and temporal dynamics of jasmonate synthesis and accumulation in Arabidopsis in response to wounding
G Glauser, E Grata, L Dubugnon, S Rudaz, EE Farmer, JL Wolfender
Journal of Biological Chemistry 283 (24), 16400-16407, 2008
Evaluation of quadrupole time-of-flight tandem mass spectrometry and ion-trap multiple-stage mass spectrometry for the differentiation of C-glycosidic flavonoid …
P Waridel, JL Wolfender, K Ndjoko, KR Hobby, HJ Major, K Hostettmann
Journal of Chromatography A 926 (1), 29-41, 2001
Integration of Molecular Networking and In-Silico MS/MS Fragmentation for Natural Products Dereplication
PM Allard, T Péresse, J Bisson, K Gindro, L Marcourt, VC Pham, F Roussi, ...
Analytical chemistry 88 (6), 3317-3323, 2016
Velocity estimates for signal propagation leading to systemic jasmonic acid accumulation in wounded Arabidopsis
G Glauser, L Dubugnon, SAR Mousavi, S Rudaz, JL Wolfender, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 (50), 34506-34513, 2009
Liquid chromatography with ultraviolet absorbance–mass spectrometric detection and with nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry: a powerful combination for the on-line …
JL Wolfender, K Ndjoko, K Hostettmann
Journal of chromatography A 1000 (1-2), 437-455, 2003
Liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy for the screening of plant constituents
JL Wolfender, S Rodriguez, K Hostettmann
Journal of Chromatography A 794 (1-2), 299-316, 1998
Plant metabolomics: from holistic data to relevant biomarkers
JL Wolfender, S Rudaz, Y Hae Choi, H Kyong Kim
Current Medicinal Chemistry 20 (8), 1056-1090, 2013
Metabolite identification: are you sure? And how do your peers gauge your confidence?
DJ Creek, WB Dunn, O Fiehn, JL Griffin, RD Hall, Z Lei, R Mistrik, ...
Metabolomics 10 (3), 350-353, 2014
The potential of LC‐NMR in phytochemical analysis
JL Wolfender, K Ndjoko, K Hostettmann
Phytochemical Analysis: An International Journal of Plant Chemical and …, 2001
Antifungal and antibacterial naphthoquinones from Newbouldia laevis roots
S Gafner, JL Wolfender, M Nianga, H Stoeckli-Evans, K Hostettmann
Phytochemistry 42 (5), 1315-1320, 1996
Induction and detoxification of maize 1, 4‐benzoxazin‐3‐ones by insect herbivores
G Glauser, G Marti, N Villard, GA Doyen, JL Wolfender, TCJ Turlings, ...
The Plant Journal 68 (5), 901-911, 2011
Rapid detection and subsequent isolation of bioactive constituents of crude plant extracts
K Hostettmann, JL Wolfender, S Rodriguez
Planta medica 63 (01), 2-10, 1997
The search for biologically active secondary metabolites
K Hostettmann, JL Wolfender
Pesticide science 51 (4), 471-482, 1997
Four 13‐lipoxygenases contribute to rapid jasmonate synthesis in wounded Arabidopsis thaliana leaves: a role for lipoxygenase 6 in responses to long‐distance …
A Chauvin, D Caldelari, JL Wolfender, EE Farmer
New Phytologist 197 (2), 566-575, 2013
HPLC in natural product analysis: the detection issue
JL Wolfender
Planta medica 75 (07), 719-734, 2009
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