Jordan Gans-Morse
Jordan Gans-Morse
Associate Professor of Political Science, Northwestern University
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Neoliberalism: From new liberal philosophy to anti-liberal slogan
TC Boas, J Gans-Morse
Studies in Comparative International Development 44 (2), 137-161, 2009
Varieties of clientelism: Machine politics during elections
J Gans‐Morse, S Mazzuca, S Nichter
American Journal of Political Science 58 (2), 415-432, 2014
Searching for transitologists: contemporary theories of post-communist transitions and the myth of a dominant paradigm
J Gans-Morse
Post-Soviet Affairs 20 (4), 320-349, 2004
Reducing Bureaucratic Corruption: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on What Works
J Gans-Morse, M Borges, A Makarin, T Mannah-Blankson, A Nickow, ...
World Development 105, 171-188, 2018
Threats to Property Rights in Russia: From Private Coercion to State Aggression
J Gans-Morse
Post-Soviet Affairs 28 (3), 263-295, 2012
Who gets bought? Vote buying, turnout buying, and other strategies
J Gans-Morse, S Mazzuca, S Nichter
Harvard University Weatherhead Center for International Affairs working …, 2009
Property Rights in Post-Soviet Russia: Violence, Corruption, and the Demand for Law
J Gans-Morse
Cambridge University Press, 2017
Demand for Law and the Security of Property Rights: The Case of Post-Soviet Russia
J Gans-Morse
American Political Science Review 111 (2), 338-359, 2017
Public service motivation as a predictor of corruption, dishonesty, and altruism
J Gans-Morse, A Kalgin, A Klimenko, D Vorobyev, A Yakovlev
Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory 32 (2), 287-309, 2022
Economic reforms and democracy evidence of a J-curve in Latin America
J Gans-Morse, S Nichter
Comparative Political Studies 41 (10), 1398-1426, 2008
Self-Selection into Public Service When Corruption is Widespread: The Anomalous Russian Case
J Gans-Morse, A Kalgin, A Klimenko, D Vorobyev, A Yakovlev
Comparative Political Studies 54 (6), 1086-1128, 2021
Public Service Motivation and Sectoral Employment In Russia: New Perspectives on the Attraction vs. Socialization Debate
J Gans-Morse, A Kalgin, A Klimenko, D Vorobyev, A Yakovlev
International Public Management Journal 25 (4), 497–516, 2022
Motivations for public service in corrupt states: Evidence from post-Soviet Russia
J Gans-Morse, AS Kalgin, AV Klimenko, AA Yakovlev
Higher School of Economics Research Paper No. WP BRP 13, 2017
Putin’s Crackdown on Mortality: Rethinking Legal Nihilism and State Capacity in Light of Russia’s Surprising Public Health Campaigns
HSG Brooke, J Gans-Morse
Problems of Post-Communism 63 (1), 1-15, 2016
Postcommunist Welfare States: The Emergence of a Continental Liberal Model
J Gans-Morse, MA Orenstein
National Convention of the American Association for the Advancement of …, 2008
From Rallying Cry to Whipping Boy: The Concept of Neoliberalism in the Study of Development
T Boas, J Gans-Morse
Philadelphia meeting of the American Political Science Association, 2006
Combatting corruption among civil servants: interdisciplinary perspectives on what works
M Borges, J Gans-Morse, A Makarin, A Nickow, M Prasad, V Watters, ...
USAID Research and Innovations Grants Working Paper Series. Washington/DC: USAID, 2017
Self-Selection into Corrupt Judiciaries
J Gans-Morse
The Journal of Law, Economics, & Organization 38 (2), 386-421, 2022
Would You Sell Your Vote?
J Gans-Morse, S Nichter
American Politics Research 49 (5), 452–463, 2021
Can Norm-Based Information Campaigns Reduce Corruption?
A Erlich, J Gans-Morse
Northwestern University Institute for Policy Research Working Paper, WP-23-33, 2023
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