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Worldwide trends in body-mass index, underweight, overweight, and obesity from 1975 to 2016: a pooled analysis of 2416 population-based measurement studies in 128· 9 million …
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Worldwide trends in blood pressure from 1975 to 2015: a pooled analysis of 1479 population-based measurement studies with 19· 1 million participants
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Worldwide trends in hypertension prevalence and progress in treatment and control from 1990 to 2019: a pooled analysis of 1201 population-representative studies with 104 …
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Observation of Production
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Angular analysis and differential branching fraction of the decay B s 0→ ϕμ+ μ−
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Evidence for Mixing
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Observation of a Near-Threshold Mass Enhancement in Exclusive Decays
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Measurements of Higgs boson properties in the diphoton decay channel with 36 fb of collision data at TeV with the ATLAS detector
Atlas Collaboration
arXiv preprint arXiv:1802.04146, 2018
Search for a new gauge boson in electron-nucleus fixed-target scattering by the APEX experiment
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Polarized positrons and electrons at the linear collider
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Cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, and diabetes mortality burden of cardiometabolic risk factors from 1980 to 2010: a comparative risk assessment
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Observation of a Charged Charmoniumlike Structure in at
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Height and body-mass index trajectories of school-aged children and adolescents from 1985 to 2019 in 200 countries and territories: a pooled analysis of 2181 population-based …
A Rodriguez-Martinez, B Zhou, MK Sophiea, J Bentham, CJ Paciorek, ...
The Lancet 396 (10261), 1511-1524, 2020
Observation of a Candidate in Production at Belle
S Uehara, K Abe, K Abe, I Adachi, H Aihara, K Arinstein, Y Asano, ...
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Measurement of the Branching Fraction with a Sum over Exclusive Modes
B Aubert, R Barate, D Boutigny, F Couderc, JM Gaillard, A Hicheur, ...
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Measurement of the resonant and components in decays
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A review of exoskeleton-type systems and their key technologies
CJ Yang, JF Zhang, Y Chen, YM Dong, Y Zhang
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of …, 2008
Observation of Decays
J Zhang, M Nakao, K Abe, K Abe, T Abe, I Adachi, H Aihara, M Akatsu, ...
Physical review letters 91 (22), 221801, 2003
A measurement of Rb using a lifetime-mass tag
R Barate, D Buskulic, D Decamp, P Ghez, C Goy, JP Lees, A Lucotte, ...
Physics Letters B 401 (1-2), 150-162, 1997
Measurement of Forward-Backward Asymmetry and Wilson Coefficients in
A Ishikawa, K Abe, I Adachi, H Aihara, D Anipko, Y Asano, T Aushev, ...
Physical review letters 96 (25), 251801, 2006
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