Hing Cheung So
Hing Cheung So
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Least squares algorithms for time-of-arrival-based mobile location
KW Cheung, HC So, WK Ma, YT Chan
IEEE transactions on signal processing 52 (4), 1121-1130, 2004
Time-of-arrival based localization under NLOS conditions
YT Chan, WY Tsui, HC So, P Ching
IEEE Transactions on vehicular technology 55 (1), 17-24, 2006
Linear Least Squares Approach for Accurate Received Signal Strength Based Source Localization
HC So, L Lin
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 59 (8), 2011
Joint range and angle estimation using MIMO radar with frequency diverse array
J Xu, G Liao, S Zhu, L Huang, HC So
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 63 (13), 3396-3410, 2015
A constrained least squares approach to mobile positioning: algorithms and optimality
KW Cheung, HC So, WK Ma, YT Chan
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing 2006, 1-23, 2006
Transmit subaperturing for range and angle estimation in frequency diverse array radar
WQ Wang, HC So
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 62 (8), 2000-2011, 2014
An improved DV-Hop localization algorithm for wireless sensor networks
Y Chen, X Li, Y Ding, J Xu, Z Liu
2018 13th IEEE conference on industrial electronics and applications (ICIEA …, 2018
Deceptive jamming suppression with frequency diverse MIMO radar
J Xu, G Liao, S Zhu, HC So
Signal Processing 113, 9-17, 2015
Suppression of mainbeam deceptive jammer with FDA-MIMO radar
L Lan, J Xu, G Liao, Y Zhang, F Fioranelli, HC So
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 69 (10), 11584-11598, 2020
A multidimensional scaling framework for mobile location using time-of-arrival measurements
KW Cheung, HC So
IEEE transactions on signal processing 53 (2), 460-470, 2005
A fast algorithm for 2-D direction-of-arrival estimation
Y Wu, G Liao, HC So
Signal processing 83 (8), 1827-1831, 2003
An overview on time/frequency modulated array processing
WQ Wang, HC So, A Farina
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing 11 (2), 228-246, 2016
Analysis and spectral characteristics of a spread-spectrum technique for conducted EMI suppression
KK Tse, HSH Chung, SY Huo, HC So
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 15 (2), 399-410, 2000
Semi-definite programming algorithms for sensor network node localization with uncertainties in anchor positions and/or propagation speed
KWK Lui, WK Ma, HC So, FKW Chan
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 57 (2), 752-763, 2008
Source localization: Algorithms and analysis
Handbook of Position Location: Theory, Practice, and Advances, 25-66, 2011
A new algorithm for explicit adaptation of time delay
HC So, PC Ching, YT Chan
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 42 (7), 1816-1820, 1994
Non-line-of-sight node localization based on semi-definite programming in wireless sensor networks
H Chen, G Wang, Z Wang, HC So, HV Poor
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 11 (1), 108-116, 2011
A comparative study of carrier-frequency modulation techniques for conducted EMI suppression in PWM converters
KK Tse, HSH Chung, SYR Hui, HC So
IEEE transactions on industrial electronics 49 (3), 618-627, 2002
Unimodular sequence design based on alternating direction method of multipliers
J Liang, HC So, J Li, A Farina
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 64 (20), 5367-5381, 2016
-MUSIC: Robust Direction-of-Arrival Estimator for Impulsive Noise Environments
WJ Zeng, HC So, L Huang
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 61 (17), 4296-4308, 2013
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