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Marko A. Popovic
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Action potentials initiate in the axon initial segment and propagate through axon collaterals reliably in cerebellar Purkinje neurons
A Foust, M Popovic, D Zecevic, DA McCormick
Journal of Neuroscience 30 (20), 6891-6902, 2010
Dependence of STIM1/Orai1-mediated calcium entry on plasma membrane phosphoinositides
MK Korzeniowski, MA Popovic, Z Szentpetery, P Varnai, SS Stojilkovic, ...
Journal of biological chemistry 284 (31), 21027-21035, 2009
Saltatory conduction along myelinated axons involves a periaxonal nanocircuit
CCH Cohen, MA Popovic, J Klooster, MT Weil, W Möbius, KA Nave, ...
Cell 180 (2), 311-322. e15, 2020
The spatio‐temporal characteristics of action potential initiation in layer 5 pyramidal neurons: a voltage imaging study
MA Popovic, AJ Foust, DA McCormick, D Zecevic
The Journal of physiology 589 (17), 4167-4187, 2011
A fluorescent, genetically-encoded voltage probe capable of resolving action potentials
L Barnett, J Platisa, M Popovic, VA Pieribone, T Hughes
Public Library of Science 7 (9), e43454, 2012
Somatic membrane potential and Kv1 channels control spike repolarization in cortical axon collaterals and presynaptic boutons
AJ Foust, Y Yu, M Popovic, D Zecevic, DA McCormick
Journal of Neuroscience 31 (43), 15490-15498, 2011
Electrical behaviour of dendritic spines as revealed by voltage imaging
MA Popovic, N Carnevale, B Rozsa, D Zecevic
Nature communications 6 (1), 8436, 2015
High-frequency microdomain Ca2+ transients and waves during early myelin internode remodeling
A Battefeld, MA Popovic, SI de Vries, MHP Kole
Cell Reports 26 (1), 182-191. e5, 2019
Genetically encoded fluorescent voltage sensors using the voltage-sensing domain of Nematostella and Danio phosphatases exhibit fast kinetics
BJ Baker, L Jin, Z Han, LB Cohen, M Popovic, J Platisa, V Pieribone
Journal of neuroscience methods 208 (2), 190-196, 2012
Cortical dendritic spine heads are not electrically isolated by the spine neck from membrane potential signals in parent dendrites
MA Popovic, X Gao, NT Carnevale, D Zecevic
Cerebral Cortex 24 (2), 385-395, 2014
Loss of saltation and presynaptic action potential failure in demyelinated axons
MHPK MS Hamada, MA Popovic
Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience 11, 2017
Imaging submillisecond membrane potential changes from individual regions of single axons, dendrites and spines
M Popovic, K Vogt, K Holthoff, A Konnerth, BM Salzberg, A Grinvald, ...
Membrane Potential Imaging in the Nervous System and Heart, 57-101, 2015
Functional structure of the mitral cell dendritic tuft in the rat olfactory bulb
M Djurisic, M Popovic, N Carnevale, D Zecevic
Journal of Neuroscience 28 (15), 4057-4068, 2008
FHF-independent conduction of action potentials along the leak-resistant cerebellar granule cell axon
K Dover, C Marra, S Solinas, M Popovic, S Subramaniyam, D Zecevic, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 12895, 2016
Ca2+ entry through NaV channels generates submillisecond axonal Ca2+ signaling
NAK Hanemaaijer, MA Popovic, X Wilders, S Grasman, O Pavón Arocas, ...
elife 9, e54566, 2020
The stochastic nature of action potential backpropagation in apical tuft dendrites
SM Short, KD Oikonomou, WL Zhou, CD Acker, MA Popovic, D Zecevic, ...
Journal of neurophysiology 118 (2), 1394-1414, 2017
Multiple Roles of Gi/o Protein‐coupled Receptors in Control of Action Potential Secretion Coupling in Pituitary Lactotrophs
SS Stojilkovic, T Murano, AE Gonzalez‐Iglesias, SA Andric, MA Popovic, ...
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1152 (1), 174-186, 2009
Voltage-sensitive dye recording from axons, dendrites and dendritic spines of individual neurons in brain slices
M Popovic, X Gao, D Zecevic
JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments), e4261, 2012
Outwardly Rectifying Anionic Channel from the Plasma Membrane of the Fungus Phycomyces blakesleeanus
M Zivic, M Popovic, N Todorović, Z Vucinic
Eukaryotic Cell 8 (9), 1439-1448, 2009
Patch-clamp recording from myelinated central axons
MHP Kole, MA Popovic
Advanced Patch-Clamp Analysis for Neuroscientists, 123-138, 2016
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