Andy Sombke
Andy Sombke
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Potential and limitations of X-Ray micro-computed tomography in arthropod neuroanatomy: A methodological survey
A Sombke, E Lipke, P Michalik, G Uhl, S Harzsch
The Journal of Comparative Neurology 523 (8), 1281-1295, 2015
Architectural principles and evolution of the arthropod central nervous system
R Loesel, H Wolf, M Kenning, S Harzsch, A Sombke
Arthropod Biology and Evolution: Molecules, Development, Morphology, 299-342, 2013
The assassin bug Pristhesancus plagipennis produces two distinct venoms in separate gland lumens
AA Walker, ML Mayhew, J Jin, V Herzig, EAB Undheim, A Sombke, ...
Nature Communications 9 (755), 2018
Comparative brain architecture of the European shore crab Carcinus maenas (Brachyura) and the common hermit crab Pagurus bernhardus (Anomura) with notes on other marine hermit …
J Krieger, A Sombke, F Seefluth, M Kenning, BS Hansson, S Harzsch
Cell and tissue research 348 (1), 47-69, 2012
Comparative analysis of deutocerebral neuropils in Chilopoda (Myriapoda): implications for the evolution of the arthropod olfactory system and support for the Mandibulata concept
A Sombke, E Lipke, M Kenning, CHG Müller, BS Hansson, S Harzsch
BMC Neuroscience 13 (1), 1, 2012
Organization of deutocerebral neuropils and olfactory behavior in the centipede Scutigera coleoptrata (Linnaeus, 1758)(Myriapoda: Chilopoda)
A Sombke, S Harzsch, BS Hansson
Chemical Senses 36 (1), 43-61, 2011
A centipede nymph in Baltic amber and a new approach to document amber fossils
JT Haug, CHG Müller, A Sombke
Organisms Diversity & Evolution 13, 425-432, 2013
The fine structure of the eyes of some bristly millipedes (Penicillata, Diplopoda): Additional support for the homology of mandibulate ommatidia
CHG Müller, A Sombke, J Rosenberg
Arthropod Structure and Development 36 (4), 463-476, 2007
The synganglion of the jumping spider Marpissa muscosa (Arachnida: Salticidae): insights from histology, immunohistochemistry and microCT analysis
POM Steinhoff, A Sombke, J Liedtle, JM Schneider, S Harzsch, G Uhl
Arthropod Structure & Development 46 (2), 156-170, 2017
What nymphal morphology can tell us about parental investment – a group of cockroach hatchlings in Baltic Amber documented by a multi-method approach
MK Hörnig, A Sombke, C Haug, S Harzsch, JT Haug
Palaeontologia Electronica, 1-20, 2016
Immunolocalization of histamine in the optic neuropils of Scutigera coleoptrata (Myriapoda: Chilopoda) reveals the basal organization of visual systems in Mandibulata
A Sombke, S Harzsch
Neuroscience letters 594, 111-116, 2015
Chilopoda – Sense organs
CHG Müller, A Sombke, G Hilken, J Rosenberg
Treatise on Zoology - Anatomy, Taxonomy, Biology. The Myriapoda 1, 235-278, 2011
Arthropod biology and evolution
R Loesel, H Wolf, M Kenning, S Harzsch, A Sombke
Springer, 2013
An atlas of larval organogenesis in the European shore crab Carcinus maenas L. (Decapoda, Brachyura, Portunidae)
F Spitzner, R Meth, C Krüger, ES Nischik, S Eiler, A Sombke, G Torres, ...
Frontiers in Zoology 15 (27), 2018
Diplopoda - Sense organs
CHG Müller, A Sombke
Treatise on Zoology - Anatomy, Taxonomy, Biology - The Myriapoda 2, 181-235, 2015
Immunohistochemical analysis and 3D reconstruction of the cephalic nervous system in Chaetognatha: insights into the evolution of an early bilaterian brain?
V Rieger, Y Perez, CHG Müller, E Lipke, A Sombke, BS Hansson, ...
Invertebrate Biology 129 (1), 77-104, 2010
Visual pathways in the brain of the jumping spider Marpissa muscosa
POM Steinhoff, G Uhl, S Harzsch, A Sombke
The Journal of Comparative Neuology, 2020
The ultimate legs of Chilopoda (Myriapoda): a review on their morphological disparity and functional variability
M Kenning, CHG Müller, A Sombke
PeerJ 5 (e4023), 1-36, 2017
Morphology and evolution of Myriapoda.
A Sombke, GD Edgecombe
Arthropod Structure & Development 43 (1), 3-4, 2014
Early environmental conditions affect the volume of higher brain centers in a jumping spider
POM Steinhoff, J Liedke, A Sombke, JM Schneider, G Uhl
Journal of Zoology 304 (3), 182-192, 2018
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