Andrei Ivanov
Andrei Ivanov
Staff (Professor), Department of Inflammation and Immunity, Lerner Research Institute of Cleveland
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Tight junction defects in patients with atopic dermatitis
A De Benedetto, NM Rafaels, LY McGirt, AI Ivanov, SN Georas, ...
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Pharmacological inhibition of endocytic pathways: is it specific enough to be useful?
AI Ivanov
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Cisplatin binding sites on human albumin
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Interferon‐γ induces internalization of epithelial tight junction proteins via a macropinocytosis‐like process
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Fever and hypothermia in systemic inflammation: recent discoveries and revisions
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Mechanism of IFN-γ-induced endocytosis of tight junction proteins: myosin II-dependent vacuolarization of the apical plasma membrane
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Selected contribution: ambient temperature for experiments in rats: a new method for determining the zone of thermal neutrality
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Cytoskeletal regulation of epithelial barrier function during inflammation
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Role for actin filament turnover and a myosin II motor in cytoskeleton-driven disassembly of the epithelial apical junctional complex
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Disruption of the epithelial barrier during intestinal inflammation: Quest for new molecules and mechanisms
S Lechuga, AI Ivanov
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Cellular and molecular bases of the initiation of fever
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Activation of epidermal toll-like receptor 2 enhances tight junction function: implications for atopic dermatitis and skin barrier repair
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Endocytosis of the apical junctional complex: mechanisms and possible roles in regulation of epithelial barriers
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Prostaglandin E2-synthesizing enzymes in fever: differential transcriptional regulation
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A unique role for nonmuscle myosin heavy chain IIA in regulation of epithelial apical junctions
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Rho/Rho-associated kinase-II signaling mediates disassembly of epithelial apical junctions
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The epithelium in inflammatory bowel disease: potential role of endocytosis of junctional proteins in barrier disruption
AI Ivanov, A Nusrat, CA Parkos
Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Crossroads of Microbes, Epithelium and Immune …, 2004
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