Yasuto Tanaka
Yasuto Tanaka
(株)三城 R&D
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Location vs feature: Reaction time reveals dissociation between two visual functions
Y Tanaka, S Shimojo
Vision research 36 (14), 2125-2140, 1996
Long-lasting, long-range detection facilitation
Y Tanaka, D Sagi
Vision Research 38 (17), 2591-2599, 1998
ESCA and thermodynamic studies of alkali metal ion exchange reactions on an α-MnO 2 phase with the tunnel structure
Y Tanaka, M Tsuji, Y Tamaura
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2 (7), 1473-1479, 2000
Thermodynamic performance of a hybrid power generation system using biomass gasification and concentrated solar thermal processes
Y Tanaka, S Mesfun, K Umeki, A Toffolo, Y Tamaura, K Yoshikawa
Applied Energy 160, 664-672, 2015
A perceptual memory for low-contrast visual signals
Y Tanaka, D Sagi
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 95 (21), 12729-12733, 1998
Repetition priming reveals sustained facilitation and transient inhibition in reaction time.
Y Tanaka, S Shimojo
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance 26 (4 …, 2000
Emotion voice analysis system connected to the human brain
S Mitsuyoshi, K Shibasaki, Y Tanaka, M Kato, T Murata, T Minami, ...
2007 International Conference on Natural Language Processing and Knowledge …, 2007
Attention and short-term memory in contrast detection
Y Tanaka, D Sagi
Vision Research 40 (9), 1089-1100, 2000
Vision, attention, and action: inhibition and facilitation in sensory-motor links revealed by the reaction time and the line motion
S Shimojo, Y Tanaka, O Hikosaka, S Miyauchi
Attention and performance XVI: information integration in perception and …, 1996
Mirror symmetrical transfer of perceptual learning by prism adaptation
Y Tanaka, S Miyauchi, M Misaki, T Tashiro
Vision research 47 (10), 1350-1361, 2007
Stimulus-driven facilitation and inhibition of visual information processing in environmental and retinotopic representations of space
S Shimojo, Y Tanaka, K Watanabe
Cognitive Brain Research 5 (1-2), 11-21, 1996
Method of phosphor surface coating
Y Yokota, T Miyagawa, Y Tanaka, T Torii
US Patent 3,522,071, 1970
Perceptual and not physical eye contact elicits pupillary dilation
M Honma, Y Tanaka, Y Osada, K Kuriyama
Biological psychology 89 (1), 112-116, 2012
Phospholipid‐derived choline intermediates and acetylcholine synthesis in mouse brain synaptosomes
E Yavin, Y Tanaka, S Ando
Journal of neuroscience research 24 (2), 241-246, 1989
Temporal and spatial characteristics of attention to facilitate manual and eye-movement responses
Y Tanaka, S Shimojo
Perception 30 (3), 283-302, 2001
Identifying neural components of emotion in free conversation with fMRI
S Mitsuyoshi, Y Tanaka, F Monnma, T Minami, M Kato, T Murata
2011 Defense Science Research Conference and Expo (DSR), 1-4, 2011
Strengthening of reinforced concrete columns by central reinforcing element
Y Tanaka, Y Ro, O Nakagawa, T Kawahara
Proc. 11th WCEE, Acapulco, Mexico, 1996
Location priming and probability priming are isolatable in detection and discrimination
Y Tanaka, S Shimojo
Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 34 (4), 1234-1234, 1993
Performance of a hybrid power generation system using biomass gasification and concentrated solar thermal processes
Y Tanaka, K Umeki, Y Tamaura, K Yoshikawa
Energy Procedia 61, 2149-2153, 2014
Facilitation induced by color-and shape-repetition but not by location-repetition
Y Tanaka
Investigative Opthalmology and Visual Science Suppl. 36, 902, 1995
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