Jingjing Xiao
Jingjing Xiao
Director, Bio-Med Informatics Research Center, Xinqiao Hospital, Army Medical University, China
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Single target tracking using adaptive clustered decision trees and dynamic multi-level appearance models
J Xiao, R Stolkin, A Leonardis
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Robust fusion of color and depth data for RGB-D target tracking using adaptive range-invariant depth models and spatio-temporal consistency constraints
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Contrast-enhanced CT radiomics for predicting lymph node metastasis in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: a pilot study
K Li, Q Yao, J Xiao, M Li, J Yang, W Hou, M Du, K Chen, Y Qu, L Li, J Li, ...
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PAM-DenseNet: a deep convolutional neural network for computer-aided COVID-19 diagnosis
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Distractor-Supported Single Target Tracking in Extremely Cluttered Scenes
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Continuously adaptive data fusion and model re-learning for particle filter tracking with multiple features
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An enhanced adaptive coupled-layer LGTracker++
J Xiao, R Stolkin, A Leonardis
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Deep Convolutional Radiomic Features on Diffusion Tensor Images for Classification of Glioma Grades
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Association of radiomic imaging features and gene expression profile as prognostic factors in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
K Li, J Xiao, J Yang, M Li, X Xiong, Y Nian, L Qiao, H Wang, A Eresen, ...
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Distributed Collaborative Camera Actuation Scheme Based on Sensing-Region Management for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
W Luo, Q Lu, J Xiao
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Vehicle Logo Recognition by Spatial-SIFT Combined with Logistic Regression
R Chen, M Hawes, L Mihaylova, J Xiao, W Liu
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Collaborative Tracking for Multiple Objects in the Presence of Inter-occlusions
J Xiao, M Oussalah
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LGT/VOT tracking performance evaluation of depth images
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Learning Target-Aware Correlation Filters for Visual Tracking
FP Dongdong Li, Gongjian Wen, Yangliu Kuai, Jingjing Xiao
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Correlation Filter Tracking: Beyond an Open-loop System
Q Hu, Y Guo, Y Chen, J Xiao, W An
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Prediction of multiple organ failure complicated by moderately severe or severe acute pancreatitis based on machine learning: a multicenter cohort study
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Target-Aware Correlation Filter Tracking in RGBD Videos
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Semi-NMF-based reconstruction for hyperspectral compressed sensing
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Dynamic multi-level appearance models and adaptive clustered decision trees for single target tracking
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ADMMiRNN: Training RNN with Stable Convergence via An Efficient ADMM Approach
Y Tang, D Sun, L Qiao, J Xiao, Z Lai, D Li
arXiv preprint arXiv:2006.05622, 2020
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