Shashank Misra
Shashank Misra
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Local Ordering in the Pseudogap State of the High-Tc Superconductor Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ
M Vershinin, S Misra, S Ono, Y Abe, Y Ando, A Yazdani
Science 303 (5666), 1995-1998, 2004
Mapping the one-dimensional electronic states of nanotube peapod structures
DJ Hornbaker, SJ Kahng, S Misra, BW Smith, AT Johnson, EJ Mele, ...
Science 295 (5556), 828-831, 2002
Visualizing nodal heavy fermion superconductivity in CeCoIn5
BB Zhou, S Misra, EH da Silva Neto, P Aynajian, RE Baumbach, ...
Nature physics 9 (8), 474-479, 2013
Quantum simulators: Architectures and opportunities
E Altman, KR Brown, G Carleo, LD Carr, E Demler, C Chin, B DeMarco, ...
PRX Quantum 2 (1), 017003, 2021
Observation of quantum Hall “valley skyrmions”
YP Shkolnikov, S Misra, NC Bishop, EP De Poortere, M Shayegan
Physical review letters 95 (6), 066809, 2005
Atomic Scale Imaging and Spectroscopy of a Plane at the Surface of
S Misra, S Oh, DJ Hornbaker, T DiLuccio, JN Eckstein, A Yazdani
Physical review letters 89 (8), 087002, 2002
Design and performance of an ultra-high vacuum scanning tunneling microscope operating at dilution refrigerator temperatures and high magnetic fields
S Misra, BB Zhou, IK Drozdov, J Seo, L Urban, A Gyenis, SCJ Kingsley, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 84 (10), 103903, 2013
Measurements of the Magnetic-Field-Tuned Conductivity of Disordered Two-Dimensional and Superconducting Films: Evidence for a Universal …
S Misra, L Urban, M Kim, G Sambandamurthy, A Yazdani
Physical review letters 110 (3), 037002, 2013
Atomic precision advanced manufacturing for digital electronics
DR Ward, SW Schmucker, EM Anderson, E Bussmann, L Tracy, TM Lu, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2002.11003, 2020
All-optical lithography process for contacting nanometer precision donor devices
DR Ward, MT Marshall, DM Campbell, TM Lu, JC Koepke, ...
Applied Physics Letters 111 (19), 193101, 2017
Failure of scattering interference in the pseudogap state of cuprate superconductors
S Misra, M Vershinin, P Phillips, A Yazdani
Physical Review B 70 (22), 220503, 2004
Scanning capacitance microscopy registration of buried atomic-precision donor devices
E Bussmann, M Rudolph, GS Subramania, S Misra, SM Carr, E Langlois, ...
Nanotechnology 26 (8), 085701, 2015
Formation of an Andreev bound state at the step edges of surface
S Misra, S Oh, DJ Hornbaker, T DiLuccio, JN Eckstein, A Yazdani
Physical Review B 66 (10), 100510, 2002
Visualizing Heavy Fermion Formation and their Unconventional Superconductivity in f-Electron Materials
P Aynajian, EH da Silva Neto, BB Zhou, S Misra, RE Baumbach, Z Fisk, ...
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 83 (6), 061008, 2014
Determining the resolution of scanning microwave impedance microscopy using atomic-precision buried donor structures
DA Scrymgeour, A Baca, K Fishgrab, RJ Simonson, M Marshall, ...
Applied Surface Science 423, 1097-1102, 2017
Atomic-precision advanced manufacturing for Si quantum computing
E Bussmann, RE Butera, JHG Owen, JN Randall, SM Rinaldi, ...
MRS Bulletin 46 (7), 607-615, 2021
A model for atomic precision p-type doping with diborane on Si (100)-2× 1
Q Campbell, JA Ivie, E Bussmann, SW Schmucker, AD Baczewski, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 125 (1), 481-488, 2021
Tunneling between dilute GaAs hole layers
S Misra, NC Bishop, E Tutuc, M Shayegan
Physical Review B 77 (16), 161301, 2008
Evolution of the quasiparticle spectral function in cuprates
S Misra, R Gatt, T Schmauder, AV Chubukov, M Onellion, M Zacchigna, ...
Physical Review B 58 (14), R8905, 1998
Low thermal budget high-k/metal surface gate for buried donor-based devices
EM Anderson, DAM Campbell, LN Maurer, AD Baczewski, MT Marshall, ...
Journal of Physics: Materials 3 (3), 035002, 2020
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