Giuseppe Lancia
Giuseppe Lancia
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SNPs problems, complexity, and algorithms
G Lancia, V Bafna, S Istrail, R Lippert, R Schwartz
European symposium on algorithms, 182-193, 2001
Algorithmic strategies for the single nucleotide polymorphism haplotype assembly problem
R Lippert, R Schwartz, G Lancia, S Istrail
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A polynomial-time approximation scheme for minimum routing cost spanning trees
BY Wu, G Lancia, V Bafna, KM Chao, R Ravi, CY Tang
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Opportunities for combinatorial optimization in computational biology
HJ Greenberg, WE Hart, G Lancia
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Haplotyping as perfect phylogeny: A direct approach
V Bafna, D Gusfield, G Lancia, S Yooseph
Journal of Computational Biology 10 (3-4), 323-340, 2003
Lecture notes in computer science (including subseries lecture notes in artificial intelligence and lecture notes in bioinformatics): Preface
D Ünay, Z Çataltepe, S Aksoy
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in …, 2010
1001 optimal PDB structure alignments: integer programming methods for finding the maximum contact map overlap
A Caprara, R Carr, S Istrail, G Lancia, B Walenz
Journal of Computational Biology 11 (1), 27-52, 2004
Haplotyping populations by pure parsimony: Complexity of exact and approximation algorithms
G Lancia, MC Pinotti, R Rizzi
INFORMS Journal on computing 16 (4), 348-359, 2004
101 optimal PDB structure alignments: a branch-and-cut algorithm for the maximum contact map overlap problem
G Lancia, R Carr, B Walenz, S Istrail
Proceedings of the fifth annual international conference on Computational …, 2001
Toward fully automated genotyping: genotyping microsatellite markers by deconvolution.
MW Perlin, G Lancia, SK Ng
American journal of human genetics 57 (5), 1199, 1995
Practical algorithms and fixed-parameter tractability for the single individual SNP haplotyping problem
R Rizzi, V Bafna, S Istrail, G Lancia
International Workshop on Algorithms in Bioinformatics, 29-43, 2002
Structural alignment of large—size proteins via lagrangian relaxation
A Caprara, G Lancia
Proceedings of the sixth annual international conference on Computational …, 2002
Banishing bias from consensus sequences
A Ben-Dor, G Lancia, R Ravi, J Perone
Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching, 247-261, 1997
Polynomial and APX-hard cases of the individual haplotyping problem
V Bafna, S Istrail, G Lancia, R Rizzi
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Exact algorithms for minimum routing cost trees
M Fischetti, G Lancia, P Serafini
Networks: An International Journal 39 (3), 161-173, 2002
A polynomial case of the parsimony haplotyping problem
G Lancia, R Rizzi
Operations Research Letters 34 (3), 289-295, 2006
Protein structure comparison: Algorithms and applications
G Lancia, S Istrail
Mathematical Methods for Protein Structure Analysis and Design, 1-33, 2003
Scheduling jobs with release dates and tails on two unrelated parallel machines to minimize the makespan
G Lancia
European Journal of Operational Research 120 (2), 277-288, 2000
Algorithmic strategies in combinatorial chemistry
D Goldman, S Istrail, G Lancia, A Piccolboni, B Walenz
Sandia National Labs., Albuquerque, NM (US); Sandia National Labs …, 2000
Job shop scheduling with deadlines
E Balas, G Lancia, P Serafini, A Vazacopoulos
Journal of Combinatorial Optimization 1 (4), 329-353, 1998
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