Joan van Horn
Joan van Horn
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The structure of occupational well‐being: A study among Dutch teachers
JE Van Horn, TW Taris, WB Schaufeli, PJG Schreurs
Journal of occupational and Organizational Psychology 77 (3), 365-375, 2004
Teacher Burnout and Lack of Reciprocity1
JE Van Horn, WB Schaufeli, D Enzmann
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A Canadian-Dutch comparison of teachers' burnout
JE Van Horn, WB Schaufeli, ER Greenglass, RJ Burke
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Lack of reciprocity among Dutch teachers: Validation of reciprocity indices and their relation to stress and well-being
JE Van Horn, WB Schaufeli, TW Taris
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Juvenile sex offenders: A group on its own?
A Van Wijk, J Van Horn, R Bullens, C Bijleveld, T Doreleijers
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Internet offending: Sexual and non-sexual functions within a Dutch sample
B Surjadi, R Bullens, J van Horn, S Bogaerts
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The adolescent sexual abuser project (ASAP) assessment measures—Dutch revised version: A comparison of personality characteristics between juvenile sex offenders, juvenile …
R van Outsem, R Beckett, R Bullens, R Vermeiren, J van Horn, ...
Journal of Sexual Aggression 12 (2), 127-141, 2006
Stop it now! A pilot study into the limits and benefits of a free helpline preventing child sexual abuse
JV Horn, M Eisenberg, CMN Nicholls, J Mulder, S Webster, C Paskell, ...
Journal of child sexual abuse 24 (8), 853-872, 2015
Incarcerated Dutch juvenile sex offenders compared with non-sex offenders
AP van Wijk, C Vreugdenhil, J van Horn, R Vermeiren, TAH Doreleijers
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A meta-analysis of the effectiveness of individually oriented Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT) for severe aggressive behavior in adolescents
LM Hoogsteder, GJJM Stams, MA Figge, K Changoe, JE van Horn, ...
The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology 26 (1), 22-37, 2015
Daad uit liefde: Gedwongen prostitutie van jonge meisjes
RAR Bullens, JE Van Horn
Justitiële verkenningen 26 (6), 25-41, 2000
A multidimensional approach to measuring teacher wellbeing
JE Van Horn, TW Taris, WB Schaufeli, PJG Schreurs
Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology 77, 365-375, 2004
Stress en burnout bij docenten: Een literatuuroverzicht [Stress and burnout among teachers: A literature review]
JE Van Horn, DG Caljé, PJG Schreurs, WB Schaufeli
Gedrag en Organisatie 10 (5), 247-256, 1997
Psychopathology and recidivism among violent offenders with a dual diagnosis. A comparison with other subgroups of violent offenders
JE Van Horn, MJ Eisenberg, S Van Kuik, GM Van Kinderen
Tijdschrift voor psychiatrie 54 (6), 497-507, 2012
Static and dynamic predictors of general and violent criminal offense recidivism in the forensic outpatient population: a meta-analysis
MJ Eisenberg, JE van Horn, JM Dekker, M Assink, CE van der Put, ...
Criminal justice and behavior 46 (5), 732-750, 2019
The Relationship Between the Level of Program Integrity and Pre-and Post-Test Changes of Responsive–Aggression Regulation Therapy (Re-ART) Outpatient: A Pilot Study
LM Hoogsteder, JE van Horn, GJJM Stams, IB Wissink, J Hendriks
International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 60 (4 …, 2016
A validation study of the Brief Irrational Thoughts Inventory
LM Hoogsteder, IB Wissink, GJJM Stams, JE van Horn, J Hendriks
Journal of Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavior Therapy 32 (3), 216-232, 2014
Teacher burnout: a flickering flame: an empirical study among teachers from a social exchange perspective
JE Van Horn
Burnout among teachers: A social exchange perspective
J Van Horn, W Schaufeli
GEDRAG EN GEZONDHEID 24, 249-255, 1996
Arsonists and violent offenders compared: two peas in a pod?
J Wilpert, J van Horn, M Eisenberg
International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 61 (12 …, 2017
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