Xiao Tong
Xiao Tong
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Sub-50-nm self-assembled nanotextures for enhanced broadband antireflection in silicon solar cells
A Rahman, A Ashraf, H Xin, X Tong, P Sutter, MD Eisaman, CT Black
Nature communications 6 (1), 5963, 2015
Structures and electronic transport on silicon surfaces
S Hasegawa, X Tong, S Takeda, N Sato, T Nagao
Progress in Surface Science 60 (5-8), 89-257, 1999
Perturbo: A software package for ab initio electron–phonon interactions, charge transport and ultrafast dynamics
JJ Zhou, J Park, IT Lu, I Maliyov, X Tong, M Bernardi
Computer Physics Communications 264, 107970, 2021
Intact Size-Selected Aun Clusters on a TiO2(110)-(1 × 1) Surface at Room Temperature
X Tong, L Benz, P Kemper, H Metiu, MT Bowers, SK Buratto
Journal of the American Chemical Society 127 (39), 13516-13518, 2005
A single-atom library for guided monometallic and concentration-complex multimetallic designs
L Han, H Cheng, W Liu, H Li, P Ou, R Lin, HT Wang, CW Pao, AR Head, ...
Nature Materials 21 (6), 681-688, 2022
Role of chemical composition in the enhanced catalytic activity of Pt-based alloyed ultrathin nanowires for the hydrogen oxidation reaction under alkaline conditions
ME Scofield, Y Zhou, S Yue, L Wang, D Su, X Tong, MB Vukmirovic, ...
ACS Catalysis 6 (6), 3895-3908, 2016
Heterogeneous WSx/WO3 Thorn-Bush Nanofiber Electrodes for Sodium-Ion Batteries
WH Ryu, H Wilson, S Sohn, J Li, X Tong, E Shaulsky, J Schroers, ...
ACS nano 10 (3), 3257-3266, 2016
The impact of surface composition on the interfacial energetics and photoelectrochemical properties of BiVO4
D Lee, W Wang, C Zhou, X Tong, M Liu, G Galli, KS Choi
Nature Energy 6 (3), 287-294, 2021
Surface electrical conduction due to carrier doping into a surface-state band on Si(111)--Ag
Y Nakajima, S Takeda, T Nagao, S Hasegawa, X Tong
Physical Review B 56 (11), 6782, 1997
Synthesis of cryptomelane type α-MnO 2 (K x Mn 8 O 16) cathode materials with tunable K+ content: the role of tunnel cation concentration on electrochemistry
AS Poyraz, J Huang, CJ Pelliccione, X Tong, S Cheng, L Wu, Y Zhu, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (32), 16914-16928, 2017
Electronic structure of the Si(111)--(Ag+Au) surface
X Tong, CS Jiang, S Hasegawa
Physical Review B 57 (15), 9015, 1998
Polydopamine surface coating synergizes the antimicrobial activity of silver nanoparticles
II Niyonshuti, VR Krishnamurthi, D Okyere, L Song, M Benamara, X Tong, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 (36), 40067-40077, 2020
Structural and Electrochemical Characteristics of Ca-Doped “Flower-like” Li4Ti5O12 Motifs as High-Rate Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries
L Wang, Y Zhang, H Guo, J Li, EA Stach, X Tong, ES Takeuchi, ...
Chemistry of Materials 30 (3), 671-684, 2018
Guided evolution of bulk metallic glass nanostructures: A platform for designing three-dimensional electrocatalytic surfaces
G Doubek, RC Sekol, J Li, WH Ryu, FS Gittleson, S Nejati, E Moy, C Reid, ...
Advanced Materials, 2015
Structural phase transitions of Pb-adsorbed Si (111) surfaces at low temperatures
K Horikoshi, X Tong, T Nagao, S Hasegawa
Physical Review B 60 (19), 13287, 1999
Anomalous metal segregation in lithium-rich material provides design rules for stable cathode in lithium-ion battery
R Lin, E Hu, M Liu, Y Wang, H Cheng, J Wu, JC Zheng, Q Wu, S Bak, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1650, 2019
Atomic structure evolution of Pt–Co binary catalysts: single metal sites versus intermetallic nanocrystals
X Li, Y He, S Cheng, B Li, Y Zeng, Z Xie, Q Meng, L Ma, K Kisslinger, ...
Advanced Materials 33 (48), 2106371, 2021
Landing of size-selected Agn+ clusters on single crystal TiO2 (110)-(1× 1) surfaces at room temperature
L Benz, X Tong, P Kemper, Y Lilach, A Kolmakov, H Metiu, MT Bowers, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 122 (8), 2005
Modulating the electronic structure of ultrathin layered double hydroxide nanosheets with fluorine: an efficient electrocatalyst for the oxygen evolution reaction
Z Liu, CL Dong, YC Huang, J Cen, H Yang, X Chen, X Tong, D Su, ...
Journal of materials chemistry A 7 (24), 14483-14488, 2019
Interaction of TiS2 and sulfur in Li-S battery system
K Sun, Q Zhang, DC Bock, X Tong, D Su, AC Marschilok, KJ Takeuchi, ...
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 164 (6), A1291, 2017
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