julien javaloyes
julien javaloyes
Associate Professor in Optics at the University of Balearic Islands
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How lasing localized structures evolve out of passive mode locking
M Marconi, J Javaloyes, S Balle, M Giudici
Physical review letters 112 (22), 223901, 2014
Topological solitons as addressable phase bits in a driven laser
B Garbin, J Javaloyes, G Tissoni, S Barland
Nature communications 6 (1), 5915, 2015
Regenerative memory in time-delayed neuromorphic photonic resonators
B Romeira, R Avó, JML Figueiredo, S Barland, J Javaloyes
Scientific reports 6 (1), 19510, 2016
Excitability and optical pulse generation in semiconductor lasers driven by resonant tunneling diode photo-detectors
B Romeira, J Javaloyes, CN Ironside, JML Figueiredo, S Balle, O Piro
Optics express 21 (18), 20931-20940, 2013
Controlled inhibition of spiking dynamics in VCSELs for neuromorphic photonics: theory and experiments
J Robertson, T Deng, J Javaloyes, A Hurtado
Optics letters 42 (8), 1560-1563, 2017
Vectorial dissipative solitons in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers with delays
M Marconi, J Javaloyes, S Barland, S Balle, M Giudici
Nature Photonics 9 (7), 450, 2015
Controllable spiking patterns in long-wavelength vertical cavity surface emitting lasers for neuromorphic photonics systems
A Hurtado, J Javaloyes
Applied Physics Letters 107 (24), 2015
Dynamics of multimode semiconductor lasers
AM Yacomotti, L Furfaro, X Hachair, F Pedaci, M Giudici, J Tredicce, ...
Physical review A 69 (5), 053816, 2004
Collective atomic recoil laser as a synchronization transition
J Javaloyes, M Perrin, A Politi
Physical Review E 78 (1), 011108, 2008
Mode-locking in semiconductor Fabry-Pérot lasers
J Javaloyes, S Balle
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 46 (7), 1023-1030, 2010
Emission directionality of semiconductor ring lasers: A traveling-wave description
J Javaloyes, S Balle
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 45 (5), 431-438, 2009
Cavity-solitons switching in semiconductor microcavities
X Hachair, L Furfaro, J Javaloyes, M Giudici, S Balle, J Tredicce, G Tissoni, ...
Physical Review A 72 (1), 013815, 2005
Dependence of high-order-harmonic generation on dipole moment in crystals
C Yu, X Zhang, S Jiang, X Cao, G Yuan, T Wu, L Bai, R Lu
Physical Review A 94 (1), 013846, 2016
Subpicosecond Pulse Generation at Quasi-40-GHz Using a Passively Mode-Locked AlGaInAs–InP 1.55- Strained Quantum-Well Laser
L Hou, P Stolarz, J Javaloyes, RP Green, CN Ironside, M Sorel, AC Bryce
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 21 (23), 1731-1733, 2009
Spontaneous symmetry breaking and trapping of temporal Kerr cavity solitons by pulsed or amplitude-modulated driving fields
I Hendry, W Chen, Y Wang, B Garbin, J Javaloyes, GL Oppo, S Coen, ...
Physical Review A 97 (5), 053834, 2018
Introduction to focus issue: Time-delay dynamics
T Erneux, J Javaloyes, M Wolfrum, S Yanchuk
Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 27 (11), 2017
Dynamical properties of lasers coupled face to face
J Javaloyes, P Mandel, D Pieroux
Physical Review E 67 (3), 036201, 2003
Cavity light bullets in passively mode-locked semiconductor lasers
J Javaloyes
Physical review letters 116 (4), 043901, 2016
Anticolliding design for monolithic passively mode-locked semiconductor lasers
J Javaloyes, S Balle
Optics letters 36 (22), 4407-4409, 2011
Electrical addressing and temporal tweezing of localized pulses in passively-mode-locked semiconductor lasers
P Camelin, J Javaloyes, M Marconi, M Giudici
Physical Review A 94 (6), 063854, 2016
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