Juliano de Andrade Gomes
Juliano de Andrade Gomes
Perito Criminal, Instituto de Criminalística, Polícia Civil do Distrito Federal
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Synthesis of core− shell ferrite nanoparticles for ferrofluids: Chemical and magnetic analysis
JA Gomes, MH Sousa, FA Tourinho, R Aquino, GJ da Silva, J Depeyrot, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (16), 6220-6227, 2008
Magnetic hyperthermia investigation of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles: Comparison between experiment, linear response theory, and dynamic hysteresis simulations
EL Verde, GT Landi, JA Gomes, MH Sousa, AF Bakuzis
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (12), 123902, 2012
Field dependent transition to the non-linear regime in magnetic hyperthermia experiments: Comparison between maghemite, copper, zinc, nickel and cobalt ferrite nanoparticles of …
EL Verde, GT Landi, MS Carrião, AL Drummond, JA Gomes, ED Vieira, ...
Aip Advances 2 (3), 032120, 2012
Rietveld structure refinement of the cation distribution in ferrite fine particles studied by X-ray powder diffraction
JA Gomes, MH Sousa, FA Tourinho, J Mestnik-Filho, R Itri, J Depeyrot
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 289, 184-187, 2005
ZnFe 2 O 4 nanoparticles for ferrofluids: A combined XANES and XRD study.
JA Gomes, GM Azevedo, J Depeyrot, J Mestnik-Filho, GJ Da Silva, ...
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 323, 1203-1206, 2011
Structural, chemical, and magnetic investigations of core–shell zinc ferrite nanoparticles
JA Gomes, GM Azevedo, J Depeyrot, J Mestnik-Filho, FLO Paula, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (45), 24281-24291, 2012
Cation distribution in copper ferrite nanoparticles of ferrofluids: A synchrotron XRD and EXAFS investigation.
JA Gomes, MH Sousa, GJ da Silva, FA Tourinho, J Mestnik-Filho, R Itri, ...
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 300, e213-e216, 2006
In-field Mossbauer study of disordered surface spins in core/shell ferrite nanoparticles
EC Sousa, HR Rechenberg, J Depeyrot, JA Gomes, R Aquino, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 106 (9), 093901, 2009
Magnetic fluids with tunable interparticle interaction: monitoring the under-field local structure
G Mériguet, E Wandersman, E Dubois, A Cebers, JA Gomes, ...
Magnetohydrodynamics 48 (2), 415-425, 2012
Raman Spectroscopy of Automotive Paints: Forensic Analysis of Variability and Spectra Quality
KB Ferreira, AGG Oliveira, JA Gomes
Spectroscopy Letters 50 (2), 102-110, 2017
Sm and Y radiolabeled magnetic fluids: magnetic and magneto-optical characterization
R Aquino, JA Gomes, FA Tourinho, E Dubois, R Perzynski, GJ Da Silva, ...
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 289, 431-434, 2005
Local Structure of Core-Shell MnFe2O4+δ Based Nanocrystals: Cation Distribution and Valence States of Manganese Ions
FH Martins da Silva, FG Silva, FLO Paula, J de Andrade Gomes, R Aquino, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (16), 8982-8991, 2017
Elaboration of magneto-thermally recyclable nanosorbents for remote removal of toluene in contaminated water using magnetic hyperthermia
FL Rodovalho, G Capistrano, JA Gomes, FF Sodré, JA Chaker, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 302, 725-732, 2016
Espectroscopia Raman: um novo método analítico para investigação forense em cruzamento de traços
JA Gomes, MS Sercheli
Revista Brasileira de Criminalística 1 (1), 22-30, 2011
Evaluation of Hyperspectral Imaging Visible/Near Infrared Spectroscopy as a forensic tool for automotive paint distinction
KB Ferreira, AGG Oliveira, AS Gonçalves, JA Gomes
Forensic Chemistry 5, 46-52, 2017
Estudo das propriedades estruturais locais de fluídos magnéticos: da nanopartícula à dispersão
JA Gomes
Soil forensics: how far can soil clay analysis distinguish between soil vestiges?
RS Corrêa, VF Melo, GGF Abreu, MH Sousa, JA Chaker, JA Gomes
Science & Justice 58 (2), 138-144, 2018
Speed determination at the accident scene: needle slap effect
CA Andrade, JL Farias, JA Gomes
Revista Brasileira de Criminalística 4 (2), 7-18, 2015
Road design intervention based on traffic accident dynamics: a forensic intelligence approach
CA Andrade, B Telles, MS Sercheli, NM Kawano, RM Soares, AN Vicente, ...
WIT Transactions on the Built Environment 146, 569-578, 2015
Infrared and Raman spectroscopy of automotive paints for forensic identification of natural weathering
AGG de Oliveira, E Wiercigroch, JA Gomes, K Malek
Analytical Methods 10, 1203-1212, 2018
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