Leonard OSullivan
Leonard OSullivan
Associate Professor
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Exoskeletons for industrial application and their potential effects on physical work load
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Ergonomics 55 (12), 1586-1595, 2012
Estimating upper limb discomfort level due to intermittent isometric pronation torque with various combinations of elbow angles, forearm rotation angles, force and frequency …
P Mukhopadhyay, L O’Sullivan, TJ Gallwey
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Human centred design considerations for connected health devices for the older adult
RP Harte, LG Glynn, BJ Broderick, A Rodriguez-Molinero, P Baker, ...
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Ergonomics 55 (8), 898-908, 2012
Towards monitoring lumbo-pelvic posture in real-life situations: Concurrent validity of a novel posture monitor and a traditional laboratory-based motion analysis system
K O’Sullivan, L O’Sullivan, A Campbell, P O’Sullivan, W Dankaerts
Manual Therapy 17 (1), 77-83, 2012
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AA Khan, L O'Sullivan, TJ Gallwey
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Force, posture and repetition induced discomfort as a mediator in self-paced cycle time
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Can we reduce the effort of maintaining a neutral sitting posture? A pilot study
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The between-day and inter-rater reliability of a novel wireless system to analyse lumbar spine posture
K O'Sullivan, L Galeotti, W Dankaerts, L O'Sullivan, P O'Sullivan
Ergonomics 54 (1), 82-90, 2011
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