Oleg Soloviev
Oleg Soloviev
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Correction of low order aberrations using continuous deformable mirrors
G Vdovin, O Soloviev, A Samokhin, M Loktev
Optics express 16 (5), 2859-2866, 2008
Adaptive illumination based on direct wavefront sensing in a light-sheet fluorescence microscope
D Wilding, P Pozzi, O Soloviev, G Vdovin, M Verhaegen
Optics express 24 (22), 24896-24906, 2016
Model-based wavefront sensorless adaptive optics system for large aberrations and extended objects
H Yang, O Soloviev, M Verhaegen
Optics express 23 (19), 24587-24601, 2015
Hartmann-Shack test with random masks for modal wavefront reconstruction
O Soloviev, G Vdovin
Optics Express 13 (23), 9570-9584, 2005
Fast calculation of computer generated holograms for 3d photostimulation through compressive-sensing gerchberg–saxton algorithm
P Pozzi, L Maddalena, N Ceffa, O Soloviev, G Vdovin, E Carroll, ...
Methods and protocols 2 (1), 2, 2018
High speed wavefront sensorless aberration correction in digital micromirror based confocal microscopy
P Pozzi, D Wilding, O Soloviev, H Verstraete, L Bliek, G Vdovin, ...
Optics Express 25 (2), 949-959, 2017
Oko guide to adaptive optics
G Vdovin, O Soloviev, M Loktev, V Patlan
OKO Technologies, Netherlands, 63-65, 2013
Pupil filters for extending the field-of-view in light-sheet microscopy
D Wilding, P Pozzi, O Soloviev, G Vdovin, CJ Sheppard, M Verhaegen
Optics letters 41 (6), 1205-1208, 2016
Optical path difference microscopy with a Shack–Hartmann wavefront sensor
H Gong, TE Agbana, P Pozzi, O Soloviev, M Verhaegen, G Vdovin
Optics Letters 42 (11), 2122-2125, 2017
Phase extraction from three and more interferograms registered with different unknown wavefront tilts
O Soloviev, G Vdovin
Optics Express 13 (10), 3743-3753, 2005
Speckle imaging through turbulent atmosphere based on adaptable pupil segmentation
M Loktev, O Soloviev, S Savenko, G Vdovin
Optics letters 36 (14), 2656-2658, 2011
Nonlinear spline wavefront reconstruction through moment-based Shack-Hartmann sensor measurements
M Viegers, E Brunner, O Soloviev, CC De Visser, M Verhaegen
Optics Express 25 (10), 11514-11529, 2017
Holographic imaging with a Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor
H Gong, O Soloviev, D Wilding, P Pozzi, M Verhaegen, G Vdovin
Optics express 24 (13), 13729-13737, 2016
Blind multi-frame deconvolution by tangential iterative projections (TIP)
D Wilding, O Soloviev, P Pozzi, G Vdovin, M Verhaegen
Optics Express 25 (26), 32305-32322, 2017
Anisoplanatic adaptive optics in parallelized laser scanning microscopy
P Pozzi, C Smith, E Carroll, D Wilding, O Soloviev, M Booth, G Vdovin, ...
Optics Express 28 (10), 14222-14236, 2020
Phase retrieval with sparse phase constraint
NH Thao, DR Luke, O Soloviev, M Verhaegen
SIAM Journal on Mathematics of Data Science 2 (1), 246-263, 2020
Modal-based phase retrieval using Gaussian radial basis functions
PJ Piscaer, A Gupta, O Soloviev, M Verhaegen
JOSA A 35 (7), 1233-1242, 2018
Optimal model-based sensorless adaptive optics for epifluorescence microscopy
P Pozzi, O Soloviev, D Wilding, G Vdovin, M Verhaegen
PloS one 13 (3), e0194523, 2018
Lensless coherent imaging by sampling of the optical field with digital micromirror device
G Vdovin, H Gong, O Soloviev, P Pozzi, M Verhaegen
Journal of Optics 17 (12), 122001, 2015
Optimal correction and feedforward control of low-order aberrations with piezoelectric and membrane deformable mirrors
G Vdovin, O Soloviev, M Loktev, S Savenko, L Dziechciarczyk
Unconventional Imaging, Wavefront Sensing, and Adaptive Coded Aperture …, 2011
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