Gabriele Penazzi
Gabriele Penazzi
R&D Engineer
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Efficiency Drop in Green Light Emitting Diodes: The Role of Random Alloy Fluctuations
MA Der Maur, A Pecchia, G Penazzi, W Rodrigues, A Di Carlo
Physical review letters 116 (2), 027401, 2016
QuantumATK: an integrated platform of electronic and atomic-scale modelling tools
S Smidstrup, T Markussen, P Vancraeyveld, J Wellendorff, J Schneider, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 32 (1), 015901, 2019
DFTB+, a software package for efficient approximate density functional theory based atomistic simulations
B Hourahine, B Aradi, V Blum, F Bonafé, A Buccheri, C Camacho, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 152 (12), 124101, 2020
Non-equilibrium Green's functions in density functional tight binding: method and applications
A Pecchia, G Penazzi, L Salvucci, A Di Carlo
New Journal of Physics 10 (6), 065022, 2008
The multiscale paradigm in electronic device simulation
M Auf der Maur, G Penazzi, G Romano, F Sacconi, A Pecchia, AD Carlo
Electron Devices, IEEE Transactions on 58 (5), 1425-1432, 2011
TiberCAD: Towards multiscale simulation of optoelectronic devices
MA der Maur, M Povolotskyi, F Sacconi, A Pecchia, G Romano, G Penazzi, ...
Optical and quantum electronics 40 (14), 1077-1083, 2008
Coupling atomistic and continuous media models for electronic device simulation
MA der Maur, A Pecchia, G Penazzi, F Sacconi, A Di Carlo
Journal of Computational Electronics 12 (4), 553-562, 2013
Unraveling the" Green Gap" problem: The role of random alloy fluctuations in InGaN/GaN light emitting diodes
MA der Maur, A Pecchia, G Penazzi, W Rodrigues, A Di Carlo
arXiv preprint arXiv:1510.07831, 2015
Controlling Electronic Structure and Transport Properties of Zigzag Graphene Nanoribbons by Edge Functionalization with Fluorine
S Bhandary, G Penazzi, J Fransson, T Frauenheim, O Eriksson, B Sanyal
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (36), 21227-21233, 2015
Permittivity of oxidized ultra-thin silicon films from atomistic simulations
S Markov, G Penazzi, YH Kwok, A Pecchia, B Aradi, T Frauenheim, ...
IEEE Electron Device Letters 36 (10), 1076-1078, 2015
Atomistic modeling of charge transport across a carbon nanotube–polyethylene junction
G Penazzi, JM Carlsson, C Diedrich, G Olf, A Pecchia, T Frauenheim
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (16), 8020-8027, 2013
Atomistic simulations of InGaN/GaN random alloy quantum well LEDs
M Lopez, A Pecchia, M Auf der Maur, F Sacconi, G Penazzi, A Di Carlo
physica status solidi (c) 11 (3‐4), 632-634, 2014
Possibility of a Field Effect Transistor Based on Dirac Particles in Semiconducting Anatase-TiO2 Nanowires
P Deák, B Aradi, A Gagliardi, HA Huy, G Penazzi, B Yan, T Wehling, ...
Nano letters 13 (3), 1073-1079, 2013
A self energy model of dephasing in molecular junctions
G Penazzi, A Pecchia, V Gupta, T Frauenheim
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (30), 16383-16392, 2016
Coupling atomistic and finite element approaches for the simulation of optoelectronic devices
MA der Maur, F Sacconi, G Penazzi, M Povolotskyi, G Romano, A Pecchia, ...
Optical and quantum electronics 41 (9), 671-679, 2009
Towards atomic level simulation of electron devices including the semiconductor-oxide interface
S Markov, CY Yam, GH Chen, B Aradi, G Penazzi, T Frauenheim
2014 International Conference on Simulation of Semiconductor Processes and …, 2014
Concurrent multiscale simulation of electronic devices
MA der Maur, F Sacconi, G Penazzi, G Romano, M Povolotskyi, A Pecchia, ...
Journal of computational electronics 9 (3), 262-268, 2010
Optoelectronic and transport properties of nanocolumnar InGaN/GaN quantum disk LEDs
F Sacconi, G Penazzi, A Pecchia, MA der Maur, A Di Carlo
Physics and Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices XVIII 7597, 75970D, 2010
Calculation of optical properties of a quantum dot embedded in a GaN/AlGaN nanocolumn
G Penazzi, A Pecchia, F Sacconi, A Di Carlo
Superlattices and Microstructures 47 (1), 123-128, 2010
The spectral adjustment in nanoscale transport combined with the density functional based tight binding method
K Khalili, G Penazzi, T Frauenheim
Computational Materials Science 133, 14-21, 2017
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