Francesco Bartolucci
Francesco Bartolucci
Professor of Statistics - Department of Economics - University of Perugia
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Latent Markov models for longitudinal data
F Bartolucci, A Farcomeni, F Pennoni
AMC, 2013
A multivariate extension of the dynamic logit model for longitudinal data based on a latent Markov heterogeneity structure
F Bartolucci, A Farcomeni
Journal of the American Statistical Association 104 (486), 816-831, 2009
A class of multidimensional IRT models for testing unidimensionality and clustering items
F Bartolucci
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An extended class of marginal link functions for modelling contingency tables by equality and inequality constraints
F Bartolucci, R Colombi, A Forcina
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Statistical analysis of questionnaires: A unified approach based on R and Stata
F Bartolucci, S Bacci, M Gnaldi
CRC Press, 2015
A latent Markov model for detecting patterns of criminal activity
F Bartolucci, F Pennoni, B Francis
Journal of the royal statistical society: series A (statistics in society …, 2007
Assessing user satisfaction in the era of user experience: Comparison of the SUS, UMUX, and UMUX-LITE as a function of product experience
S Borsci, S Federici, S Bacci, M Gnaldi, F Bartolucci
International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction 31 (8), 484-495, 2015
A recursive algorithm for Markov random fields
F Bartolucci, J Besag
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A class of latent marginal models for capture–recapture data with continuous covariates
F Bartolucci, A Forcina
Journal of the American Statistical Association 101 (474), 786-794, 2006
Likelihood inference for a class of latent Markov models under linear hypotheses on the transition probabilities
F Bartolucci
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series B (Statistical Methodology …, 2006
Positive quadrant dependence and marginal modeling in two-way tables with ordered margins
F Bartolucci, A Forcina, V Dardanoni
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Modeling time series of animal behavior by means of a latent‐state model with feedback
W Zucchini, D Raubenheimer, IL MacDonald
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Efficient Bayes factor estimation from the reversible jump output
F Bartolucci, L Scaccia, A Mira
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A Dynamic Model for Binary Panel Data With Unobserved Heterogeneity Admitting a √n‐Consistent Conditional Estimator
F Bartolucci, V Nigro
Econometrica 78 (2), 719-733, 2010
Latent Markov model for longitudinal binary data: An application to the performance evaluation of nursing homes
F Bartolucci, M Lupparelli, GE Montanari
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Latent Markov models: a review of a general framework for the analysis of longitudinal data with covariates
F Bartolucci, A Farcomeni, F Pennoni
Test 23, 433-465, 2012
The use of mixtures for dealing with non-normal regression errors
F Bartolucci, L Scaccia
Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 48 (4), 821-834, 2005
Assessment of school performance through a multilevel latent Markov Rasch model
F Bartolucci, F Pennoni, G Vittadini
Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics 36 (4), 491-522, 2011
A class of Multidimensional Latent Class IRT models for ordinal polytomous item responses
S Bacci, F Bartolucci, M Gnaldi
Communications in Statistics-Theory and Methods 43 (4), 787-800, 2014
A discrete time event‐history approach to informative drop‐out in mixed latent Markov models with covariates
F Bartolucci, A Farcomeni
Biometrics 71 (1), 80-89, 2015
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